My Understanding about Sharing among Fellow Practitioners

I understand that practitioners should only share their understandings after one has elevated based on the principles taught in Falun Gong, the Fa, as only this kind of sharing can play a positive role. Just like Fa conference papers, practitioners' articles should be reviewed first by other practitioners. Articles published on the Falun Gong websites are reviewed by editors before they are published. Without the editing process, the experience sharing might contain too many personal factors. Elements that are not positive can interfere with other practitioners. Nowadays when sharing, practitioners sometimes become trapped within the constraints of who is right and who is wrong. The real issue is that we should look inward so that we can meet the requirements and standards of the Fa at different levels.

Some practitioners tend to add at the end of their writings, "Please point out anything that I did not say right," which implies that they want fellow practitioners to point out their shortcomings, but this leaves it up to external factors. Cultivation is about changing oneself and looking within, and it will only work if one eliminates one's attachments. If one does not understand something from the Fa's perspective, even after someone points it out, the changes may be superficial.

As practitioners during the Fa-rectification period, I believe that we should focus on how to best clarify the truth and save more sentient beings. A practitioner's sharing only represents his or her personal understanding at his or her level. Everyone is at a different level and in a different cultivation state. It is impossible for everyone to come to the same understandings every time he or she shares.

We should not focus only on the personal cultivation states of practitioners. Since we are one body, when we see another's shortcoming, we should help strengthen fellow practitioners with righteous thoughts or send forth righteous thoughts more frequently.

We should not judge fellow practitioners with our own notions and based on what we can see. The environment and state of a practitioner are not something that other practitioners are able to judge. We should all focus on saving sentient beings. As practitioners elevate while validating Falun Dafa, the one body also elevates at the same time.

We should cultivate our speech, because over-expressing one's opinion could be a sign of validating oneself. If our understanding of the Fa is not clear, we could interfere with other practitioners.

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