Mr. Chen Baofeng Died in Police Custody in Liaoning Province

Mr. Chen Baofeng, 43, lived in Liujiazi Town, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. On February 24th, 2008, he was driving his taxi to take some friends out of town when the police stopped his vehicle, and arrested him and his passengers. After being held for several days, they were transferred to the Chaoyang City First Detention Centre (also called the Wujiawa Detention Centre) on March 3rd, 2008. Mr. Chen was killed the same night, and thus far, the family has still not been allowed to see his body.

On February 24th, 2008, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Li Yaxuan heard that her husband Mr. Gao Yuling was severely tortured in the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp and was undergoing emergency in the hospital. She hired Mr. Chen's taxi to take some friends and family, including Ms. Li Yingxuan, Ms. Zhe Xiumei, Ms. Yu Huijuan, and Ms. Jing Fei, to visit her husband in Shenyang City. A police vehicle from the Qianjin District Police Department stopped the taxi and arrested everyone inside. The police took them all back to Chaoyang City the same night and detained the six practitioners in the Shijiazi Detention Centre.

Chaoyang City Police Department Deputy Director Zhang Minghua said that the provincial police department gave orders to violently interrogate these six practitioners. When their family went to visit them, an officer said, "If they refuse to cooperate, we will force-feed them until they die."

When Mr. Chen Baofeng was killed in police custody, the Chaoyang City Police Department did not notify his family. After Zhang Minghua met with the Political Security Office and the detention center, they claimed that Mr. Chen had died of a sudden heart attack.

Mr. Chen's family pointed out that he never had heart problems before and that he was a very healthy man. How could he have died only eight days after being arrested if it was not the result of police brutality? If he died of sickness, why didn't they notify his family when he was ill? Why have they refused to allow the family to see his body?

Zhang Minghua and Domestic Security Division Leader Wang Jinglong are the persons mainly responsible.

On the morning of February 25th, 2008, the Guangming District Police Department dispatched a dozen officers, who broke into the Tianzheng Detergent Company to arrest general manager Mr. Li Wensheng and his wife Ms. Wu Jinping. The police also arrested employees Ms. Chen Shumei and Mr. Pan Yufeng from their homes. More practitioners were arrested on the same day in Chaoyang City.

The arrested practitioners have been on a protest hunger strike for nine days. Zhang Minghua mandated that none of their families be allowed to visit them.

Police Departments of Guangming District, Qianjin District, Beita District, and Development Zone participated in these arrests.

Chaoyang City Police Department Deputy Director Zhang Minghua (male): 86-421-2628248 (Office, 86-421-2636666 (Home), 86-13304219999 or 86-13904213399
Domestic Security Division Leader Wang Jinglong (male) of Chaoyang City Police Department: 86-421-2611250, 86-421-2616682, 86-13591860610 (Mobile)
Wujiawa Detention Centre Director Huang Xianyu: 86-421-3814329, 86-421-2621771, 86- 13898233355
Chaoyang City Detention Centre Director Liu Yaosheng (male): 86-13304216269 (Mobile)
Chaoyang City CCP Political Judiciary Committee Secretary Qu Lianchun (male): 86-421-2612917 (Office), 86-421-2966577 (Home), 86-13304217839 (Mobile)
Guangming District Police Department Office: 86-421-2915299
Qianjin District Police Department Offce: 86-421-2807358
Beita District Police Department Office: 86-421-2613835
Develoment Zone Police Department Director Li Dongfeng: 86-421-3817887, 86-421-2616161 (Home), 86-13304217887 (Mobile)

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