Beijing Police Ransack the Jinkui Decorative Painting Company

The Beijing Public Security Bureau has persecuted over one hundred Falun Gong practitioners since January 2008. They have searched practitioners' homes, persecuted their family members, and ransacked companies and factories run by practitioners.

From January 23rd to the 25th , the Chinese Communist regime arrested over 40 practitioners in Beijing and ransacked the Jinkui Decorative Painting Company in Heizhuanghu in the Chaoyang District of Beijing. All 28 employees were detained in a workshop and every room in the factory was searched.

Manager Chen of Jinkui Decorative Painting Company is an extremely sincere and kind person, and he has hired many practitioners. Everyone in the company works attentively under the lead of Falun Gong practitioners. The company has developed rapidly during the last several years and does business in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. The factory currently occupies space amounting to more than 2,000 square meters and is the largest decorative painting company in Beijing. The company is known to every business that operates an art gallery or sells art wares.

After practitioners were arrested, their family members went to Dongcheng Detention Centre many times requesting to visit, but they were turned away without being given a reason.

That same day, practitioner Peng Bin's crystal factory in West Hongmen Town, Daxing District, Beijing, was also ransacked. Practitioners Li Wenfeng (alias), Yang Guifang, and Ms. Zhang of Yuquanying, Beijing, were arrested. Yang Guifang's 17-year-old daughter, Liu Hong, was interrogated. There were also several other arrests during this period that have already been reported.

Beijing Huairou District Detention Centre switchboard: 86-10-61697828
Detention centre manager Meng Xianghai: 86-10-61697828, transfer to manager
Reception room: 86-10-89687601 ext. 53552
Reception room: 86-10-89687601 ext. 53564
Detention centre preliminary hearing police: 86-10-61697669
Legal system section: 86-10-61697786
Beijing Huairou District secretary,Wang Haiping: 86-10-69644652
Secretary, Du Wei
Beijing Huairou District magistrate Chi Weisheng
Office chief Zhong Baili: 86-10-69644567
National People's Congress director Wu Dezeng: 86-10-69643419
Huairou Public Security Sub-bureau: 86-10-89687601
Huairou Detention Centre: 86-10-61697828
Court: 86-10-69643560
County committee: 86-10-69642455
Judicial bureau: 86-10-69603557

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