Germany: Chinese Spectacular Opens to Appreciative Audience in Berlin

After a year of anticipation, the city of Berlin has once again welcomed the Divine Performing Arts. On March 14th, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts presented a fascinating performance of the Chinese Spectacular for the people of Berlin. Upon conclusion of the final act, applause filled the theater, and performers answered curtain calls three times. Numerous members of the audience offered a standing ovation, and many were reluctant to leave. Many government and consular officials, and renowned people in society also attended the show.

Member of the German Parliament from the Green Party, Mr Josef Winkler

Mr Josef Winkler, a member of the German Parliament, accepted an interview and said, "The Chinese traditional dance and singing, accompanied by the music, allowed me to better understand Chinese culture. My favorite dace was "Nymphs of the Sea", which was performed in the first half. The drum dance was very masculine, powerful, and well coordinated; one could see their strong foundations, and their high artistic caliber."

Mr Winkler said that through his work in the immigrations department, he has learned a lot about the situation in China through the cases he has processed. "Eighteen years ago, Germany experienced a time of peaceful change. We know very well how the Communist government operates, and the problems which it has." he said.

Winkler said, "We have always been concerned about the situation of Tibetans in China, and the continuous persecution of Falun Gong. Regardless of your belief, everyone should enjoy this right, not only in their home, but they should also be free to have their beliefs openly."

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