The Chinese Spectacular Video Purifies People's Souls: A China-Based Chinese Viewer's Reactions

I received a Chinese Spectacular Video-CD. Each and every number in that wonderful show touched me deeply. My heart rises and falls with the action – sometimes joyful, sometimes tearful, sometimes contemplative, and sometimes awestruck. In spite of the lack of thunderous live sound or the gigantic, bright backdrop, I still reacted strongly. I watched it again and again, every time feeling the cleansing of my being and the ascent of my soul.

My aunt told me that the Chinese Communist Party had deeply poisoned the mind of a cousin's wife. She had frequently but unsuccessfully asked her to withdraw from the CCP and/or its affiliated organizations. One day Auntie mentioned, "I have a VCD of a show. It's very good." She played it for her. Once my cousin's wife started to watch she was captivated. She did not even hear the call for dinner. Auntie noticed tears in her eyes during the persecution scene of Dafa practitioners.

Auntie asked her impressions of the show. My cousin's wife replied, "It never occurred to me that Chinese traditional culture is so vast and so deep and that 'Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance' are so sacred and wonderful. I felt my mind has changed, as if it has become a bird in the blue sky." She paused and then added, "I wish I could see the live show. How nice that would be! Yet I am content to be able to see the video since I am still in China." Auntie asked her, "Do you want to withdraw from the Party's organizations?" She immediately agreed, "Of course! Why wouldn't I? I also want to show the video to more people and let them know that this is our genuine, traditional culture. I want to tell more people to stop letting the evil Party poison their minds any longer and immediately withdraw."

We still live in China, so we do not have the good fortune to see the live show that is now famous worldwide. It is touching to read the reports about the show. Some that are sick have been cured from watching the show; some people feel strong energy during the show; some feel mentally uplifted; some even feel their facial expressions have become better. How magical and inspiring! How lucky are those who can see the live performance and experience the graceful and elegant dances, the magnificent vigour, the power of righteous belief, the touching plots, the rich artistic conceptions, and the divine music. I feel deeply sorry for those who are in the free world and yet missed the show, for their minds are poisoned by the CCP. We often dream of the day when Shen Yun can come to Mainland China so that all those who are blinded by the evil Party's propaganda can have their eyes opened to traditional Chinese culture.

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