Experiencing Tremors from the Sichuan Earthquake

A little after 2:00 p.m. on May 12, 2008, while sitting at a table in my office, I felt my body shaking. I thought it was my colleague shaking the table. Then, someone yelled, "Earthquake! Run!" My self-preservation set in and I was running with the crowd. The momentum pushed me out of the office. It was chaos, as everyone turned crazy and was frantically trying to leave the building. As I stood among the crowd in an open area, I felt the tremors shaking the ground powerfully and everything else, including trees, utility poles, and other buildings shook strongly. It felt as if everything was about to collapse. I couldn't move because of the strong tremors. Noticing the crowd's horrified faces and hearing them screaming, I too became scared, not for myself but for the innocent people who were poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I asked myself, "What will happen to them when the catastrophe begins?"

The next day I did the five exercises with my parents early in the morning. As I started the second set, the ground shook violently again. Tears fell down my cheeks and the strong grief in my heart felt so real! I felt as if I had seen the terrible endings of those who did not know the truth, who refused to quit the CCP, and whom the old forces arranged to be weeded out. I told myself that I honestly did not want to see such a miserable scene.

What should us practitioners do after the quake? We shouldn't rush to safety like ordinary people, hoard water and food, or be so worried that we forget that we are practitioners during the Fa-rectification period. We should not forget the three things we need to do well. We need to remember our historical mission at all times and that we are practitioners walking divine paths. We should walk every step even more steadfastly.

My family began to worry, though just for a short moment before we got our emotions under control. But, our minds were still shaken. I later questioned myself, "Didn't I assure Teacher that I'd let go of the attachment of fearing death? Didn't I say I would follow Teacher steadfastly? I have been through so many tribulations, haven't I done it because I wanted to help Teacher rectify the Fa and save more sentient beings? How could I be thinking about staying alive and safe like others?" I even left behind Teacher's picture and Dafa books when I escaped from my office. Besides Teacher, who else could have saved my life? I was so selfish that I forgot about saving sentient beings. An enlightened being would never have thought about his or her personal safety during such a dire situation. I thought, the day when I have to face Teacher and the sentient beings in my world, I would feel ashamed because of all my selfish thoughts. I immediately corrected my thoughts and determined to walk every step steadfastly.

Fellow practitioners, let's let go of all that is not within the Fa and do what we need to do and do it well. Firmly grasp every opportunity to clarify the truth and save more sentient beings!

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