Practitioners Unjustly Tried by Suizhong County Court, Liaoning Province

On May 12th and 13th, 2008, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents from Suizhong County in Huludao City of Liaoning Province manipulated court staff Guan Shulin and Li Wenjing to carry out an illegal trial against Falun Gong practitioners Qiu Peihua, Zhang Chongyue, Yang Jiangwei, Shen Wenling, Zhou Yingchun, Yang Guangwu, Feng Kelan, Yang Zhaofang, and Yang Zhaoying. Ms. Zhou Yingchun and Ms.Yang Zhaoying were tried while they were confined to their beds at Suizhong County Hospital with IVs and on oxygen.

During the process of the so-called trial, Ms. Yang had a heart attack, her hands and legs were shaking non-stop and doctors and nurses in the hospital had to resuscitate her. When this happened, court staff Guan Shulin and people from the procuratorate read the bureaucratic documents very fast and then just a few minutes later, they quickly left. Guan claimed before he left that Ms. Yang didn't leave any record with them during the interrogations for the past two months, nor did she answer any questions.

Currently, Ms. Yang is in critical condition: her spine is broken, she cannot walk and she has also developed heart disease. For the past two months she has passed out many times and she is only able to sleep a couple of hours every day.

When Ms. Zhou was arrested at Jinzhou City, she was tortured to the point that her lumbar vertebra broke and her tibia was fractured. To this day she has headaches, vomits frequently, cannot walk and cannot take care for herself. Due to her condition as a result of torture, her family members want to sue the police.

In addition, on April 20th, 2008, Fan Dezhen was beaten to death in the Suizhong Detention Centre. The authorities lied, claiming that he died in Suizhong Hospital.

Personnel involved in this persecution case:

Suizhong Hospital: 86-429-6122267, 86-429-6124076
President of Suizhong Hospital, Liu Demin

Huludao City Detention Centre:
Head Wei Guozhong: 86-429-3171908, 86-429-3155685, 86-13464380008 (Mobile)
Director Liu Changbiao: 86-429-3171909, 86-429-3192991, 86-13898940991
Deputy Head Zhang Lisheng: 86-429-3902698, 86-429-3171900818, 86-13019980118

People in Huludao City 610 Office:
Director Chen Weizhi: 86-429-3157508, 86-13998954024
Associate Director Liang Chengdong: 86-429-3157501, 86-13942960088

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