Sweden: Quitting the CCP at the Service Centre in Stockholm

At Mynttorg Square in Stockholm, Swedish practitioners set up a Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Service Centre and they come here every weekend to help Chinese tourists quit the evil party. On August 30th as the practitioners had just finished setting up, a Chinese woman came and looked at the posters. She then asked many questions: “Why would you have this activity here and what is the purpose of this?”

A practitioner then told her about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and the ongoing Quitting the CCP campaign around the world. To help her to see the nature of the lies fabricated by the Communist regime, he also told her facts about the staged Tiananmen Self-immolation incident (2001) and the organ harvesting atrocities. While listening to his explanation, the lady asked many follow-up questions. When her questions were answered, she nodded her head and smiled.

At the end, Li challenged her, “Think about this, why have you not heard about this big news quitting the CCP before today? We live in the free world and have access to free media. In China, the Communist regime tries everything possible to block news so that people like you won’t learn about the truth and can only listen to its lies. I maintain good contact with all my friends and relatives. After learning about the Nine Commentaries and Quitting the CCP movement, they all decided to quit the evil party. We are here to inform people like you so that you will have an opportunity to learn about the truth and make a right decision.”

The lady smiled and said, “Thank you. I only planned to stay in Sweden for two days and I am leaving tomorrow. What you just said allowed me to get a better picture. We all know that the Communists have been fabricating lies after lies and none of us hold any faith in it. Can I take some photos of your activity so that I can share with my family?”

With practitioners’ permission, she then took photos of every banner and poster. After the picture taking, she filled a form to quit the Communism Youth League and Young Pioneer (two affiliated organisations of the CCP).

Buowslav Klicard studied the posters for quite a while; he then signed his name on a petition to condemn the persecution. He told a practitioner that he had been monitoring human rights situation in China and was worried as it was getting worse and worse. He acquired a Swedish copy of the Nine Commentaries and said that he would study the booklet.

Gaspar Tamas is a businessman, and he is planning to establish a website to document the CCP’s atrocities against innocent Chinese people. After signing the petition, he chatted with a practitioner and left his phone No.

During the day, many Chinese tourists accepted practitioners’ leaflets. Some were so excited to see the Nine Commentaries and would put a copy in their backpack right away. The practitioners were so pleased to see that more people learned the truth of the persecution from them and they will continue the effort till the persecution ends.

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