Using Righteous Thoughts to Look at Things That Happen to Us

I had an accident on my electric bike yesterday. Riding along, I noticed a chicken searching for food on the street. I tried to swerve, but at that instant, the chicken headed straight for the bike's front wheel. I tried to make a turn but I not only killed the chicken, I fell off my bike.

When I returned home, my family asked why I was limping. I told them of the incident. Later on, when I considered the accident from the perspective of the Fa, I realized the fall was, in fact, a good thing that brought about three good results: I got rid of some karma, I found my strong attachments, and I got an opportunity to improve myself.

I had trouble doing the exercises when I got up at 3:55 the next morning. I couldn't raise my right arm for the first set of exercises, and for the second set of exercises I could not hold my arms above my head. I asked Master to help me and gradually managed to raise my arms, though I was unable to move my arms up and down for the third exercise. I again relived the scene where the little chicken ran under the wheel of my bike and was crushed. I knew it was interference, so I told the chicken to stop interfering with my exercises, and that I would take it to my world to be a sentient being when I reached Consummation. Right after this thought I could raise my right arm. It still hurt a little, but I could finish the exercises without trouble.

In another incident, when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) used the Olympics as a pretext to intensify the persecution, many local practitioners were arrested. Initially I had strong righteous thoughts, and I was safe. Later on I let down my guard and began to feel the pressure the evil in other dimensions imposed on me, wanting me to acknowledge their existence. They also used my family to interfere with me, and I was eventually arrested. While in a detention centre I recited the Fa and sent righteous thoughts. Gradually I became acquainted with the inmates and made use of every possible chance to clarify the truth to them. Several days later the torch relay was over, and some practitioners were released. Some inmates said I would be released soon, but I didn't get attached to it. During the time in the detention centre, the scabies that had bothered me for nine years miraculously disappeared.

After my release, I took every opportunity to study the Fa. I managed to find a copy of Master's "Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference." I studied this lecture repeatedly and transcribed it four times. Now I feel changes in my body every day. Master often gives me hints in my dreams, reminding me to look inward and strive forward diligently.

I share the above experiences not to demonstrate that it is good to be persecuted by the evil because of my loopholes. I wanted to show that Master turned bad things into good ones. Think about it: a person like me, who is 60 years old, only had a little scratch and swelling on his right arm after falling off the bike. If I were a non-practitioner, I probably would have broken my arm or worse.

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