United States: "Divine Performing Arts' Shows are The Best Medicine"

Beginning on February 10th, the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) New York Company has held six shows at the John F. Kennedy Center Opera House. The beautiful traditional Chinese arts purifies the audience's body and spirit. Some people found that the shows are good medicine.

Linda, a financial analyst, was amazed by the show. She came down with a serious cold recently and had been coughing a lot. She didn't want to come to the show because she was worried that she would bother others in the audience with her coughing. However, she felt fortunate that she came after all. "As soon as I entered the theatre, I felt that I was surrounded by a peaceful, benevolent and warm energy. I felt comfortable and light. I forgot my pain. I didn't cough at all in two and half hours. It is amazing," she said.

"The artists' smiles were warm and beautiful, which gave me a warm feeling. It was like being in the sun and my heart was full of joy," Linda said. She explained further, "I believe one's body and spirit are connected. While my body was feeling better, I also felt good in my heart. I saw a lot of wonderful values in the show. I was totally into it and felt better."

Linda's husband is a doctor. He was also amazed by this fact. "Modern medicine cannot explain why she was healed without any drugs. But it is true. Her face is glowing and she has no pain now," he said. "I have heard about music and meditation therapies. They are not mainstream medicine, so I thought they were just some illusions and hypotheses. But this miracle, which happened to my wife tonight, changed my mind. I will do more research into this field in the future."

A doctor from Inova Fairfax Hospital came to the show with his wife. He was amazed by the beauty of the show and its miraculous effects on health.

"My wife has been weak. She has had a fever these past several days, and can't focus on any one thing for a long time. But she feels good tonight and concentrated on the show the whole evening," he said.

His wife smiled, "I am always pale and feel tired all the time. But tonight, at the show, I felt comfortable and have never felt that relaxed. The show is better than any drugs."

Her husband added, "Modern science studies the relationship between the arts and health. I myself also have done some research on the relationship between health and spirit. But I am amazed at how fast and powerful the effect of the arts on my wife was tonight."

George Tran, an internal medicine doctor, commented that the DPA show is like medicine and food for the spirit. He said that the beauty of the show is beyond ordinary imagination; it has extraordinary power. The dances and music taught people about traditional moral and behavioural standards. He said every number touched his heart.

A lawyer said to the reporter that the beauty of the show is not superficial. She suggested that people should pay more attention to the spirituality of the show. She said that we are like the characters in the show, going back to our true selves under God's guidance.

The attorney said that she often feels lost in daily life. She felt lost in the court cases and conflicts, which ultimately exhaust her. "I don't think that life should be like that. People should handle their conflicts with their hearts, not the law. It is sad," she said.

She found great comfort in the Divine Performing Arts show. "I was like charged and gained energy from Heaven. I will not complain about reality. I'll be more thoughtful and try to bring more happiness to other people," she said.

The lawyer was touched by the Falun Gong practitioners' spirit which was demonstrated through several numbers in the show. "Why can't we be compassionate to others and give others a chance?" she asked. "The show helps us to get along with each other; to be nice to each other. The way that the show promotes the improvement of oneself and the whole society is better and more effective than the law. It is the fundamental way to solve conflicts. In this sense, the show is good medicine for society."

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