Germany: Chinese Communist Party’s Propaganda Exposed on the Eve Of the Divine Performing Arts’ European Tour

Divine Performing Arts has prospered in Europe, America and Asia within just a few years. The CCP is extremely frightened by the development of the DPA. The Chinese Consulate in Frankfurt sent letters on January 6th, 2009 to the government and local foreign Consulates, denigrating DPA in the form of state diplomatic letter. The letter has been exposed in public by some of the German media.

In the letter, the CCP “reminded” the prime minister, politicians and foreign diplomats of other countries in Frankfurt that it is best not to go and see DPA’s performance. An international human rights organization, whose headquarters are based in Frankfurt, yesterday exposed this letter on its website, condemning the Chinese Consulate attempts to “interfere with the cultural liberty on the lands of the Germany”.

Apart from sending a letter to the Prime’s office, the CCP also threatened the student’s organizations in Hessen, warning them not to go see the DPA’s performance. These kinds of things also happened in some cities and regions in North America, where the CCP circulated, via its overseas agents, threatening words among the NY and Washington Chinese societies, University Student Unions and other overseas Chinese associates, warning them not to watch the DPA shows.

The Chinese Consulate in Frankfurt sent letters to government and local foreign Consulates, denigrating the DPA in the form of a state diplomatic letter

“The CCP’s consulate advertises DPA like this every year”

The DPA poster in front of the Chinese Consulate in Frankfurt

A steward of the DPA organizer said, “The CCP’s consulate advertises the DPA like this every year”. Some congressman in Frankfurt telephoned, wanting to watch DPA show after learning this. There were also some passerssby who booked tickets immediately after seeing the flyers.

Some Germans said that because of the CCP’s prpaganda they were more willing to come to support DPA. A Germany congressman, who was unwilling to be named, after getting the information, he immediately decided to watch the show in the theater in person. On February 10th, EU Parliament Chairman Hans-Gert Poettering and vice-Chairman Edward McMillan-Scott sent congratulation letters simultaneously to the DPA shows organizer, wishing DPA a successful performance.

One of the three DPA groups, DPA international group departed North America for Asia on the 31st Jan and performed five shows in four days in the Artpia theater in Shoucheng, Daqiu, Korea. The performances covered more than 5000 audiences, shacked Daqiu, which is always dubbed as Oriental Milan, and created a surge in popularity for DPA. Just as last year, the CCP’s interference obstructed renting the theater in Seoul. The organizer said, “The CCP Consulate pressured the Universe Art Center which had the agreement with DPA, saying if it didn’t rescind the agreement their Chinese visa wouldn’t be issued. They also threatened that their large investment in China would be affected”

On February 3rd, the court ruled that the organizer won the appeal. The CCP’s threat failed. The DPR shows were on stage in Seoul for the third time. DPA again caused a huge stir in Seoul and its last show gained a full house.

DPA international group won a grand success in its performances in Korea. The last show on the 8th, Feb 2009 won a full house

The CCP’s suppressing and threatening on DPA always end up with helping DPA do promotion and advertisement.

MEPs praised and expected the arrival of DPA.

The 9th of the Feb was the Yuanxiao festival in Chinese calendar. The Vice-Chairman of the EU, Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott held a welcoming party of something new for the DPA’s 2009 European tour. Over 100 participants, including MEPs, their assistants and stewards watched the DPA’s promotion film with a lot of joy.

The Vice-Chairman of the EU, Mr. Edward McMilan-Scott praised that DPA presents a world-class outstanding performance. He said, “this is a contemporary historic poem that can be enjoyed by both easterners and westerners”. The EU Parliament Chairman praised in his congratulation letter that the DPA “brought the people China’s 5000 year traditional culture and made a huge contribution to the culture interflow. It also allowed the other countries in the world get a better understanding of the rich Chinese culture”. The Chairman wished DPA’s 2009 world tour a greatest success.

The British MEP Mr. Barden went to see the DPA show together with his wife and son last year. While recalling the last year’s performance, he said with joy, “We spent a very beautiful night there. It really was a wonderful performance”. Mr. Barden recommended all the MEPs to watch the DPA’s performance. He encouraged, “Tell everyone, go see the show, feel it and do your best to support the meaning behind it”.

The DPA NY group will open the first curtain of its European tour performances this year in Frankford, and Germany will be on the 21st of the Feb.

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