Ms. Wang Xiaoyan Twice Sent to a Forced Labour Camp

Name: Wang Xiaoyan
Gender: Female
Age: 48
Address: Lindong Town, Zuoqi, Balin, Chifeng City
Occupation: Balin-Zuoqi post office employee
Date of Most Recent Arrest: July 5th, 2009
Most recent place of detention: Huhehaote Women's Forced Labour Camp
Province: Inner Mongolia
Persecution suffered: Sleep deprivation, forced labour, extortion, fired from her workplace, sent to a psychiatric hospital, home ransacked, interrogation, detention

Since July 1999, Zuoqi-Balin police and officials of its Justice Department have twice detained Wang Xiaoyan in a forced labour camp, ransacked her home many times, extorted money from her husband, and harassed and persecuted her husband and son.

In the winter of 2001, Zuoqi State security police captain Tubuxin, police chief Cai Fuyun, and two police officers arrived at Wang Xiaoyan's home sometime after midnight. They ransacked her home, and then took her to the police station for interrogation. She wasn't released until the following night. Wang Qige, assistant police chief in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, extorted 1,000 yuan1 from Ms. Wang's family.

Since then police have frequently harassed her family, pressured her to sign this and that, called her on the phone, gave her notice of 24-hour monitoring, banned her from going to Beijing, and most ludicrous of all, have not allowed her to meet with three or more people at a time.

In the latter part of April 2001, Cai Fuyun and a few other policemen went to the post office at Donghe Road, where Wang Xiaoyan worked, and asked her to sign three guarantee statements. When she refused to sign, the post office management started putting pressure on her. She was suspended from work and given a tiny monthly salary of 200 yuan.

On June 21st, 2001, Baosheng, Liu Zhijun, and two other policemen from the Zuoqi police station arrested Wang Xiaoyan and took her to the station for three days of non-stop interrogation. She was released after her husband paid 800 yuan.

What Wang Xiaoyan Endured in the Forced Labour Camp

On the afternoon of November 10th, 2001, the former assistant police chief, Tang Guozhi, and two policemen arrested Wang Xiaoyan at her home, and took her to Zuoqi police station. She was sentenced to three years in a forced labour camp. While in the labour camp, a uterine tumour reappeared, causing heavy bleeding, and making her physically weak.

A few days before the May Festival, Wang Xiaoyan was escorted to the Huhehaote Women's Forced Labour Camp, where she was monitored by two inmates around the clock. Although she was physically weak, she was still forced to do labour. She had to stand more than 10 hours a day at a knitting machine to make gloves. Her uterine tumour started bleeding more heavily. To make matters worse, she was only allowed to use the toilet twice a day, morning and afternoon. The lunch break was limited to 15 minutes in the dirty workshop.

With all this hardship, Wang Xiaoyan's health became worse, until she was unable to work at the knitting machine at all. The prison guards made her wrap chopsticks instead. She had experienced all kinds of sicknesses since childhood. She was unable to finish any of the jobs she was assigned, and she worked overtime or needed help to finish the assignments. She had only about two hours of sleep each night; sometimes it seemed like she was made to get up as soon as she fell asleep.

Although her health was poor, and she didn't even have the energy to talk, she wasn't released from the labour camp. Her family had to pay the forced labour camp chief and the camp's chief of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) 2,000 yuan each, and another 1,000 yuan to the camp's captain Guo Xiangzhi (Her office phone: 86-471-5693039). Wang Xiaoyan was finally released about a month later in September 2002.

After being released from the forced labour camp, Wang Xiaoyan was unemployed and stayed at home. Having been persecuted for many years and having lost so much blood, her physical condition did not improve quickly. Her family's savings were gone, and her life became very difficult.

Ms. Wang Arrested Again and Persecuted in a Forced Labour Camp

On April 7th, 2006, when the Zuoqi public security bureau's state security commander, Nashun, and three policemen came to arrest Ms. Li Shujie, Wang Xiaoyan just happened to be there visiting, so they arrested her too. Practitioners Li Shengjun and Li Yufeng were also arrested that same day. All of the practitioners were detained at the Zuoqi police station. A policeman stole Wang Xiaoyan's house key and went to ransack her home.

A moment later, commander Nashun stood at the window of the detention room and read a "letter of decision." Wang Xiaoyan, Li Shengjun, Li Yufeng, and Li Shujie were each sentenced to two years in a forced labour camp. At about 3 a.m., police officers Li Jingwen and Wang Jila secretly had the women taken to the Huhehaote Women's Forced Labour Camp for further persecution.

The second brigade commander, Peng Yumei, who was responsible for detaining Ms. Wang Xiaoyan, ordered two drug-using inmates to monitor her in a small, smelly storage room. At night she had to sleep on a couple of wooden boards. Every day, one or more inmates would try to force her to give up Falun Gong practice. She felt like a heavy weight was sitting on the top of her head. With such a weak body, she was still forced to work more than 10 hours a day!

On January 3rd, 2008, Wang Xiaoyan was released and sent home. Being physically weak, she took a low-paying job to feed herself and help feed her family.


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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