Shandong 610 Office Interrogators Use All Means “Short of Live Organ Harvesting”

On February 16th, 2012, Two women practitioners from Laiyang City, Shandong Province were arrested by the Weihai City 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong). Agents looted their belongings and interrogated them using torture. Female 610 Office agent Huang Furong threatened, “We will handle you with all means short of live organ harvesting.” Her words indicate that the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) harvesting of live organs from Falun Gong practitioners is not a secret within the 610 Office system.

Huang mocked the practitioners, “Break free from your handcuffs using your supernatural abilities and flee, if you have any.” In fact, the two practitioners later broke free of their handcuffs and escaped detention.

One of the practitioners tells of their arrests and torture during the interrogation.


“After 11:00 p.m. on February 16th, 2012, practitioner H and I drove to a neighbourhood in Laiyang City. Right after we got out and locked the car, several people rushed out from the back of the nearby building. Some ran towards H while two others forced me to the ground. I heard H crying loudly. I was laying on the ground and told her, “Don't be afraid.” I looked at the man and woman who were attacking me. The woman was trying to cover my mouth. I later learned that the man was Liang Jiwei and the woman was Huang Furong. They were agents from the Weihai City 610 Office.

It was late in the evening. Shadows of people wearing police uniforms were merging all around us from every direction. The normally quiet neighbourhood turned very intense. H and I were handcuffed and taken in two different cars. Agents from the Laiyang 610 Office and around 30 officers from the Laiyang Police Department participated in the arrest. They came in more than 10 cars, and they waited at the gate of the neighbourhood as well as the surrounding intersections; it was a well-planned operation. Besides them, the Weihai Domestic Security Bureau was also involved. Agents from the Weihai 610 Office had been tracking us for two days. They had two video cameras installed on the second floor of the residential building opposite our apartment.

We later learned that the Rongcheng Domestic Security Division had arrested more than 20 practitioners after intercepting telephone calls. The arrests were made with help from the Weihai Domestic Security Bureau, the Weihai Police Department, and the Weihai 610 Office.


We were taken separately into two different interrogation rooms adjacent to each other in the Laiyang Police Department. We were tied to iron chairs, and our feet and hands were cuffed. Huang Furong took away all my belongings.

Soon, I experienced some stomach pain. It was so painful that I thought I would collapse. My whole body was shaking badly, and I had difficulty breathing. According to a 610 agent, my face turned grey. Huang Furong said to the others, “It's no problem. Medical attention is not needed.”

They interrogated me at night. I did not answer a word to any of their questions. Both H and I immediately asked for lawyers. They rejected our requests, claiming we were threats to “national security.” The head of the Weihai 610 Office, Song Xiulong, ordered a search of our apartment that night.

At 4:00 a.m., Huang Furong mocked, “You practise Falun Gong. Break free from your handcuffs using your supernatural abilities and flee, if you have any.” She noticed that I was getting better, so she said that I had faked my condition before in order to provoke her. She began to pull my hair, wrench and twist my skin, and punch me in the back; she vented her anger by torturing me. Many officers came to watch and jeer.

It was during this short period of only several minutes that H in next room miraculously opened the cuffs on her hands and feet, left the police department, and vanished. There was a loud noise when she opened the cuffs, but none of the officers heard it.

The officers laughed at me for a while before they realized that H had disappeared. Then they began to panic. They all went out to search except for Song Xiulong. They failed to find H and dejectedly returned after one hour. They moaned and some said, “How will we report this to our superior?” After H left, they softened the way they treated me, but they watched me more closely.

In the morning, Song Xiulong took the advice of 610 agent Sun Maojun and ordered some of his men, Liang Jiwei and Xu Zhigang, to take all of our belongings to Weihai. When he was asked how to move so many things to Weihai, Song answered, “Rent a truck to move them.” Liang and others then looted all of our belongings except our bedding. Our apartment was almost empty. Such a thing had never happened in Laiyang since the persecution was launched more than ten years ago. Song also ordered Liang to drive our car to Weihai.

They took away more than 16,000 yuan1 in cash, a miniature camcorder, a car, two laptops, a desktop computer, a printer scanner combo, a motorcycle, jewellery (an agate necklace, two pairs of agate earrings, a black jade bracelet, a yellow jade bracelet, a pearl necklace, a pearl bracelet, a crystal necklace, and more than ten sweater clip chains), ten mobile phones, a large freezer (more than 2 meters long and a meter wide), frozen food worth thousands of yuan, a washer, a microwave, a rice cooker, a steamer, dozens of plastic barrels and basins, about 30 freezer containers, a grinder, six sealing machines, four soybean milk machines, an electronic scale, more than 1,000 plastic cups, sealing film, more than 500 kg (~1,102 lbs) of various grains, two fans, two boxes of tea at about 25 kg (~55 lbs) total, clothes, shoes, and many other household items. The total value of everything stolen totals more than 100,000 yuan (~15,887 USD).


I was taken to the Weihai Police Academy near the Weihai Domestic Security Bureau. I was confined to two rooms within the main building. The two rooms were on the first floor, close to a cafeteria. The room that I slept in was northward. They had fastened a floor ring onto the floor so that they could easily cuff a person to it. Song Xiulong and the director of the academy made a long-term deal to use these two rooms.

I did not reply to a word of any of their questions except for when explaining the truth about Falun Gong. Huang Furong threatened me, “We will make you speak. We will handle you with all means short of live organ harvesting.”

Huang ordered me to squat beside a wall. I refused. She fiercely kicked me in the legs and knees, pushed me to the floor, and forced me to sit there for a long period of time. An officer in his forties with the surname Yu (the full name might be Yu Hongwei) threatened to shock me with an electronic baton. I did not say a word. He then slapped me in the face with a notebook, did not allow me to sit, kicked my legs, and punched my shoulders. I warned him that this was a torture interrogation. He denied it.

They were eager to get my name. They showed me my belongings that they had looted, and they tried to lead me to confess my identification. I was determined to give zero confessions and zero signatures; I did not say a word. They threatened to inject me with drugs, saying that that would make me answer anything they asked.

Song Xiulong received support from the director of the Weihai Police Department, who sent several women officers to monitor me day and night. I was not allowed to brush my teeth for several days, and I could only use water to wipe my face. When I asked to brush my teeth, Liang Jiwei rejected my request. They cuffed one of my hands to the floor ring when I slept at night. It was snowing when I was arrested, and the temperature dropped sharply. My clothes were not warm enough, so I asked for more clothes on several occasions. Song Xiulong and Liang Jiwei rejected my requests using various excuses. Interrogators changed daily.

Around 7:30 a.m. on February 19th, with handcuffs still on my right hand, I escaped from the Weihai Police Academy under the watch of two women officers and a male officer.

Members of the Weihai 610 Office:

Song Xiulong, director: +86-13906311959 (Mobile), +86-631-5272344 (Office), +86-631-5272011 (Home)
Xu Zhigang, deputy director: +86-13706313777 (Mobile)
Liang Jiwei, deputy director: +86-13561879559 (Mobile)
Yu Yixing, deputy director: +86-13963150862 (Mobile)
Yu Hongwei, deputy director: +86-13906310862(Mobile)
Sun Maojun, agent: +86-13863176287(Mobile)
Huang Furong, agent: +86-13561879036 (Mobile)


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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