Mayor from Hometown of Swiss Falun Gong Practitioner on Trial Asks Hong Kong's Secretary of Justice to Drop the Charges

The Honourable Ms. Elsie Leung
Secretary of Justice
Department of Justice
Hong Kong

Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

June 11 2002

Dear Honourable Ms Leung
I'm surprised and concerned to hear that Mr. Erich Bachmann, a citizen of the city of Kreuzlingen, is charged for taking part in a demonstration of Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong.

As Major of Kreuzlingen I assure you that Mr. Bachmann is a respectable citizen of our town. He has never been involved in any government or police investigation and his reputation is impeccable. The Falun Gong movement is as highly accepted and respected in Switzerland, as in over 50 countries around the world.

Therefore I entreat you to drop the charges against Mr. Erich Bachmann.
With all my respect, yours very truly,

Prof. Josef Bieri,
Major of Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

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