Czech Republic: Announcing the Establishment of the Czech Falun Dafa Association

We are happy to announce that the Czech Falun Dafa Association was established under the name "Association Falun Gong of the Czech Republic" and approved by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic in Prague on Wednesday 17 July 2002.

We, the Falun Dafa practitioners in the Czech Republic and the Czech practitioners throughout the world, express herewith our heart felt gratitude to our Teacher for giving us this historic opportunity to establish a Dafa Association.

The Association was created to inform the Czech people and the people of the world about the cultivation practice of mind, body and spirit, founded on the profound moral principles of Truthfulness - Compassion – Tolerance, called Falun Gong (also Falun Dafa).

It firmly and permanently establishes Dafa in the heart of Europe, fulfils its role in exposing the unlawful persecution of the practitioners in China and laying a foundation to create a bright future for all benevolent people in the Czech Republic.

The Ministry of the Interior approved the Dafa Association after helpful consultations in which the Ministry advised how best to anchor the Association's unique purpose and nature in its constitution.

Falun Dafa practitioners in the Czech Republic and the Czech practitioners throughout the world express herewith their thanks for the support they have received from the Office of the President, the Czech Diplomatic Mission in Geneva, Members of the Senate and Parliament, People in the Government, Mayors of Towns and Cities, Police in the City of Prague, the Special Police and Diplomatic Unit, the Ministry of Interior, Human Rights Organisations, Members of the Legal Profession and the practitioners in UK, Slovakia, Switzerland, USA, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Taiwan, Austria and other countries and many good hearted people.

Czech Falun Gong practitioners

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