Brutal Torture of Practitioner Ms. Xu Menglan to Extort a "Confession"

practise Falun Gong, by selling fruit in Beijing. On April 21, 2002, several vile persons from Beijing City's Fengtai Police Precinct arrested the couple without even giving them enough time to put on their shoes. They were illegally detained at the Fengtai Police Precinct for five days. Lawless policemen required Xu to admit that she bombed a building in Harbin City. As long as Xu didn't admit it, they kept brutally beating her, kicking her and tortured her into unconsciousness three times, but each time they revived her by splashing cold water on her. Xu's husband was also brutally beaten and questioned, "What has Xu Menglan done?" They kept on beating him in order to force him to frame his wife. The lawless policeman even tortured him by pouring boiling water on him. When the couple were taken into the train for a return back to Harbin City, Xu saw her husband couldn't lift one of his legs and had to drag the leg while walking.

On May 14, they were put into Harbin City's Second Detention Centre. Interrogators Liu Wei and Li Jiman, from the seventh section, showed Xu some pictures and asked her to tell them the names of the people in the pictures. But Xu couldn't identify anyone. So she was again brutally beaten by these two interrogators. She suffered from a massive hemorrhage to her cardiac muscle and a myocardial infarction (heart attack) due to the torture. The Second Detention Centre dared not to keep Xu and requested a medical exam for her. The interrogators were reluctant to do so, but after the examination, the interrogators even claimed that Xu was in satisfactory condition even though she was clearly in physical danger. The doctor in the second detention centre later provided the above-mentioned correct diagnosis.

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