Two Years of Persecution Has Not Shaken My Belief in Dafa

I am now over sixty years old. I was a believer in Buddhism previously. Though I totally believed in Buddha, I did not know how to cultivate. I began to practise Falun Dafa in 1995. Since then, I strictly followed Dafa's principles and benefited from Dafa, both physically and spiritually. All diseases I had suffered before, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, kidney problems and gynaecologic disease, disappeared after three months of cultivation practise in Dafa. Because of the huge differences in me before and after my practise, I became a better person and my family became more harmonious. Subsequently, my husband, daughter, son and granddaughter all successively took up the practise of Falun Dafa.

After April 25, 1999, all the media in China began to defame Dafa with propaganda and slander. I felt so bad. I immediately wrote letters to all levels of governmental authorities to tell them the truth about Dafa. As a result, one newspaper agency openly corrected a false report about Dafa. In the meantime, other practitioners and I went to other areas, including Changchun City, to spread Dafa. Through our efforts, a Fa-study group was set up in a village nearby Changchun City. When I went to the provincial government to clarify the truth, an official at the Investigation Bureau sincerely told me that he would practise Falun Gong in the future. He also made efforts to help me go back home safely.

The local residence committee, however, often harassed me and tried to force me to write the "guarantee statement." So I decided to go to Beijing to appeal. I went to Beijing on October 2, 1999. Simply because I answered, "I practise Falun Gong" when being asked in Tiananmen Square, I was taken into a police vehicle. I loudly recited "Lunyu" [the Foreword in the book of Zhuan Falun] and Hongyin [Teacher Li's collection of poems] in the car and introduced the policemen to Dafa. On the way to send me back home, the police car suddenly swerved and slammed into a big tree. The other five people in the car were all injured, but I was not hurt at all. A young policeman felt so cold and scared that he could not stop shivering. He asked me, "Dear Aunt, what is the matter?" [The term "aunt" is a term of respect used in China when addressing older people] I took off my coat, put it on him and told him, "It is God warning human beings to be kind toward Dafa!"

I was sent back to the local police department. They said they would release me if I wrote the "guarantee statement," promising not to practise any more. During the interrogation I said, "To be a good person is not wrong. Appealing in Beijing is not wrong. I will safeguard Dafa with my life, and reclaim the reputation of innocence of my Teacher and Dafa." My daughter came to persuade me. She kneeled on the ground and cried, "If you do not give up the practise, I will die in front of you." Looking at this, I asked asked for help. After a while I looked at my daughter. She sat on a chair and calmed down.

On December 15, 1999, I was illegally sentenced to the Shuanghe Forced Labour Camp in Qiqihar City. On December 27, when I practised the five sets of exercises Wang Yan, the chief guard, along with other criminals dragged me into a small cell. A giant male policeman slapped my face. I almost fainted. He asked me, "Will you dare to do the exercises again?" I replied, "Yes." He brutally slapped my face again. "Are you still going to practise?" "Yes." He then cuffed me onto a metal frame by the wall, with my arms stretched as far as possible and my feet dangling above ground. He kept asking, "Will you dare to do the exercises again?" My answer "yes" brought another round of face slapping. Then he brought out electric batons and tried to shock me under my clothes. It did not work. He changed to newly charged batteries for the batons, but it still did not work. Tired and frustrated, he asked me again, "Are you still practising?" I resolutely answered, "Yes." They despondently released me and let me go back to sleep. Laying on the bed, having been un-cuffed by now, the suffering, sadness and grievance came at me. I could not help crying. However I realised, "It is not worthy of me to cry over these evils.“

I started to do the exercises early the next morning. Again I was dragged into the small room and cuffed to the radiator duct. The evil guard who beat me violently the previous night asked me while cuffing me, "Will you dare to do the exercises again?" I answered, "Yes." So he hung me up. In pain, I kept reciting "True Nature Revealed" [One of Teacher Li’s poems]. At this moment, both the deputy division chief and also director Zhou came and they let me down. They wanted to send me to a solitary compartment and extend my sentence term; they also ordered me to write a "guarantee" not to practise any more. I told them I would not make any guarantee, and I would be steadfast, practising Dafa to the last minute. I went on a hunger strike for four days. Other practitioners also joined the hunger strike. Since then the atmosphere in the labour camp became much better.

During my later period in the labour camp, all practitioners who firmly abided by Dafa were put into solitary compartments. We were confined individually in the little compartments for a long time; all the eating, washing, and restroom functions were done in the same cell. It was dark, damp and congested. Black mould spots covered the walls. Once the guards raided our cells, searching for Dafa articles. I held them tightly in my hands. Several evil guards could not get them from me after half an hour of effort.

Over a dozen Dafa practitioners were transferred downstairs and detained separately in single cells. Labour camp chiefs Zhou and Bai and evil guards all came out and scoured practitioners' cells for articles. Our bedding, clothes and consumer goods were all over the floor. All papers and pens were taken away. There was a mix of cursing and shouting voices. Dafa practitioners would be beaten, cuffed or had their mouths sealed with adhesive tape if they protested. We who were upstairs knocked on the door to protest and shouted through the window, "Falun Dafa is good! Stop the persecution against Dafa practitioners!"

Through studying some of Teacher’s recent articles, I realised that I must persist, so I kept practising the exercises and sending forth righteous thought [this can be thought of as a type of meditation] every day. When I first started, almost all the evil guards in the division rushed toward me. Dafa practitioners made all their efforts to protect me. During the ripping and tearing, my heartbeat suddenly accelerated, my blood pressure went up rapidly, my face looked utterly pale. After seeing this, division chief Wang said, "You are allowed to practise." Immediately, I practised the meditation exercise for half an hour and my body recovered. The next day when I practised, a different chief, Zhao Lijuan, was on duty. After another round of ripping and tearing, my clothes were torn up and my heart attack symptoms appeared again. At midnight of the same day, my heart attack appeared again. My legs were shaking. Again, they let me practise. After practising the exercises, my body recovered again. I sternly told them, "All my current health problems were caused by your persecution! You have to take all the responsibilities!" Since then, they allowed me to do the exercises and said they were researching my case.

On August 6, 2001, the Shuanghe Labour Camp authorities sent me back to a local detention centre. I refused to get out of the car and requested them to send me back home. The evil guards carried and dragged me into the detention centre. I went on a hunger strike to protest. They released me after they extorted 5,000 Yuan from my family. I gracefully came out of the labour camp after two years of persecution. [The average monthly income in urban areas of China is about 500 Yuan; in rural areas it is about 200 Yuan]

As soon as I was freed, I actively began delivering and receiving truth-clarifying materials, hanging truth-clarifying banners and telling the facts to the general public.

In October 2002, five or six evil police ransacked my home. They took away my salary card, phone card, 700-Yuan in cash, even my home key. They asked me, "Do you know what you did that made us come?" I answered, "I am saving you from lies. It is not wrong to be a kind man. " I recited the Fa-rectification formula to eliminate the evil factors that were manipulating them in other dimensions. I also asked Teacher in my mind to strengthen me and not let them take me away. In a second, I had a heart attack. My blood pressure rose up rapidly. I collapsed heavily to the floor. The police stopped searching right away. My spouse called my children and an ambulance. My son carried me down the stairs to the ambulance. I kept shouting, "The evil persecuted me! They don't allow me to be a kind person!" The doctor in the ambulance immediately administered oxygen. On the way to the hospital, the evil people stopped the ambulance twice and tried to send me to the police station. The doctor stopped them, "Healing the wounded and rescuing the dying is our responsibility. Will you take the responsibility if anything happens to the patient?" The hospital diagnosis showed I was in critical condition due to a heart attack, tachycardia and extremely high blood pressure. The evil police left me alone when they saw this.

I was thus permitted to return home safely.

November 30, 2002

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