Singapore Practitioners Clarify the Truth to the Chinese People at Tourist Sites

Written by Singapore practitioners

For over two years Falun Gong practitioners in Singapore have used their hearts to welcome large groups of tourists. "How are you? Welcome to Singapore! Please come and hear the truth about Falun Gong. Falun Gong has touched the hearts of people and is welcomed in over sixty countries around the world, and there are over 100 million people practising it." As the truth is being propagated, the scenic tourist spots in Singapore have been witness to one moving story after another.

When group after group of Chinese tourists passed by our practise sites, many people were amazed and called out, "Falun Gong!" Many people stopped in front of the truth clarifying materials and pictures and read them carefully. Many opened Zhuan Falun; others saw the materials and smiled as they said farewell to us. Some came up and shook our hands, saying, "I wish you all the best." Some tourists were practitioners themselves, and they longed to see the most recent news from the Clearwisdom website. Some tourists told us that they had received quite a lot of truth clarifying materials and Falun Gong VCDs in China, or sometimes they even found a Falun Gong VCD inside the basket of their bicycle. Upon hearing this news, we were moved by the actions of the practitioners in China. They have been trying their best to clarify the truth in such a difficult and evil environment! Some tourists from Hong Kong would say, "It's ok, we have seen similar materials in Hong Kong. There are even more materials in Hong Kong than here in Singapore!" Most of the tourists were very friendly upon meeting us at the practise sites and upon seeing practitioners who had friendly and sincere smiles on their faces.

Singapore is a famous tourist place in Southeast Asia, and thousands of tourists come to visit its scenic beauty every day. On top of that, there are a large number of workers, students, professionals, and visitors, etc., who come from China, which has given us an excellent opportunity to clarify the truth to the Chinese people.

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