Poland: Practitioners Participate in Human Rights Film Festival

By Dafa practitioners in Poland

From 6th to 8th of December in Warsaw, Poland, practitioners from the Ukraine, Sweden, USA and Poland took part in various activities. We held several peaceful appeals at the Chinese embassy, distributed materials in downtown Warsaw and manned an information booth during the International Human Rights Film Festival hosted by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. The documentary Falun Gong's Challenge to China was shown during the festival to a large and receptive audience. Over the course of this 3-day festival, many people learned the truth about the Jiang regime's brutal persecution.

To attend the activities, Ukrainian practitioners had to overcome considerable interference from the Ukraine authorities. One of the practitioners was approached by the chief of police in his city, who told him not to come. The Chinese embassy in the Ukraine has been very active in causing trouble and persecuting Ukrainian Falun Gong practitioners. The authorities tried to convince this practitioner not to come to the human rights film festival, and even tried to bribe him with money. The police told the practitioner that the Chinese embassy claimed that any country which took part in this festival, that revealed the suffering of millions of innocent people throughout the world, would put their economic relationship with China in jeopardy. The Falun Gong practitioners in Ukraine have been facing all sorts of problems just because they wish to become healthier and better people.

Nonetheless, they remained undeterred by this interference and came to Warsaw. There was a large group of Russian speaking people who attended the festival, and thanks to the Ukrainian practitioners' presence (they could also speak Russian), those people learned the truth about Falun Dafa.

The temperature was very cold that weekend, usually about -10 C or colder. On Saturday night, after the festival finished for the night, we went to the Chinese embassy to send forth righteous thoughts [thinking good true thoughts to purify oneself and one's surroundings] and practise the Falun Gong exercises. Although it was very cold at night, several practitioners felt currents of warm energy moving through their bodies and keeping them warm.

During the festival, we were able to reveal the truth about the persecution to many people. In addition to handing out flyers and talking to people, we also set up a laptop computer at our booth playing videos. People were interested and keen to have a look.

Over the course of the weekend, many people understood how evil the persecution is and the true nature of the criminals directing the persecution.

We also shared experiences as a group and tried to upgrade our understanding. We saw that being together is a precious opportunity and we cherished every moment. We hope that we can do more, do better, and improve in the Fa together.

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