Swedish Newspaper Ludvika Nya Tidning Reports on Falun Gong

If they had been in China, the practitioners would have been arrested. But here in Ludvika, participants could feel safe after Saturdays "Get-to-know-Falun Gong" event.

As such writes Miriam Lee Hermansson, reporter from Ludvika Nya Tidning. She also writes about the photo exhibition in the local library, where you not only can read about the history and development of Falun Gong but also the persecution of practitioners in China, carried out by Jiang’s regime.

Over the last several years, Falun Gong has also been spreading outside of China and practitioners are to be found all over the world. For one who has never heard of Falun Gong before, it contains slow meditative movements that are performed while listening to instructions over Chinese music.


This Saturday, around ten people came to learn the Falun Gong exercises and principles. At first the volunteers who taught the exercises spoke a little about the practice before they showed a short video. Then it was time for the participants to try for themselves.

With calm voices the assistants told the participants how the movements should be performed, before helping to correct the movements.

“I am very grateful for them being here to show us this practise, said one of the participants. I have tried some other systems before, but this one was "powerful". And I really hope that we can have a practice site here in Ludvika.”


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