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  • A Pilot Finds a New Kind of Freedom Through Falun Gong

    She realized these were just surface things and the final solution must come from her mind and her soul. The answer was on the spiritual level. Therefore she started to learn Buddhist scriptures. In one of the Buddhist Scriptures she learned that at the very beginning of the universe, there was nothing except the most primitive wisdom.
  • Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Thanks to Falun Gong

    I was stricken with the disease on several other occasions and the symptoms were rapidly worsening. At this point it was affecting my eyesight and my vision was getting poorer and poorer, I was having difficulty walking, and having muscle spasms all over my body causing pain and discomfort. There was blood in my stools, I was unable to digest my food and I was having allergic reactions to most of the foods that I would try to eat. My balance was being affected causing me to fall down when I tried to walk. I finally understood what the doctors were trying to tell me for so many years.
  • A Fortunate and Brave Drummer Plants Seeds of Truth in People's Hearts Around the World

    Sterling said to us with a smile, "It has been seven years, I have quit smoking, no longer take drugs or alcohol, and I am very healthy. But this is not all. Falun Gong has not only brought me great physical health, but what's more important is the change in my spirit. I'm now a happier person. I strongly believe in 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance'."
  • Finding the Way After Years of Searching

    A complete cultivation system was in front of him. He was so excited that he grabbed Emily's hand, went to the bookstore, and bought the book Zhuan Falun. After he read the book, he participated in the nine-day workshop. Many of his classmates from the qigong class also followed Matt's footsteps and started to practise Falun Gong.
  • Cultivation Experiences of a Young Practitioner in China Who Once Suffered from Osteoporosis

    The high school entrance exam put huge pressure on me. When I read Falun Dafa books, however, I realised how happy and lucky I was to have learnt Falun Dafa and so all the pressure disappeared. My exam grades were high enough that I was accepted by a high school, although I had missed many classes because of my illness. I knew Falun Dafa endowed me with wisdom. My schoolteacher said, "Xinling, I knew you had done your best, but I didn't expect you to do so well. I was worried before that you wouldn't get into high school, but now I'm no longer worried." My family also considered it a huge blessing.
  • The Power of a Letter to Encourage Diligence

    Thinking about it really makes me feel ashamed. Master thinks of methods to let every disciple catch up. How can we let them fall? Thinking back on it now, every time I talked to him, inside I had already had some negative thoughts about him. I was not at all thinking 100% for his well-being, and thus this stopped me from showing him the power of a compassionate field. I also noted that I had allowed my competitive mentality to distract me from this purpose; there was always the thought of wanting to persuade others. This further weakened the purity of the energy field of our conversation.
  • Tens of Thousands in Medical Expenses Saved -- Femur Necrosis Cured by Falun Dafa

    I'm a peasant in Li County, Hebei Province, and am now in my seventies. I previously had many illnesses, including stomach problems, dizziness, and a bad heart. In particular, I had femur necrosis, which made it difficult for me to move around, sit, or lie down. When I slept, I had to slowly sit up in order to turn. I was in excruciating pain. I felt like I would rather die than live. I suffered a lot.
  • Collectively Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Improved our Prison Environment

    When we talked to one another, the criminals no longer interfered. Once the practitioners saw the powerful effect of sending forth righteous thoughts, the other practitioners also took it upon themselves to report the time at the top of every hour. After a few days, we could talk openly with one another. Even when the police were around we also talked to one another, and they saw but did not interfere.
  • A Lady in China Recovers from Late Stage Cancer after Listening to the Principles Taught in Falun Gong

    On the next day, I went to her house to read Zhuan Falun to her. I worried about whether or not she could grasp the teachings, and with much interference, I only read twenty pages the first time. I was surprised when I went to see her after that day. She excitedly told me, "After you read the book to me last night, I slept very well, and I feel very good today." I could see her face beaming with joy. From then on, I went to read Zhuan Falun to her every day.
  • Thanks to Falun Dafa My Brother-in-Law's Gallstones Disappeared

    The doctor said, "It's impossible, there is no such kind of medicine in the whole world that could remove the gallstones. Medication could only diminish the inflammation and reduce the pain and suffering. If you want to remove the gallstones, you have to go through surgery, but your gallstones are in a very dangerous position, and surgery can't usually be performed under these conditions. The only thing we can do is keep you under observation." Upon hearing that, my brother-in-law understood that Falun Dafa is the most sophisticated and profound science. He admired Falun Dafa from the bottom of his heart.
  • The Path of an Acupuncturist in Seeking the Truth

    Through his own experience, Mr. Liu came to understand that everything said in Zhuan Falun is true. He also understood that one needed to be dedicated to one cultivation system when cultivating at high levels. Therefore, he even more cherished the precious opportunity. He said, "Shortly after I began to practise, all my illnesses were gone. If I had not practised, it's highly likely that I would now just be bones and ashes. The feeling of being free of illness is so good!"
  • Facts in Reports for Exposing the Persecution Should be Verified and Used Carefully

    Looking at the influence of the elimination of Party culture in revealing the facts of the persecution, it is also very important. While online, I often see practitioners' articles reminding fellow practitioners that the news they spread needs to be matter of fact and unexaggerated. I agree very much with this reminder. I feel that only through eliminating old Party culture in our minds and actions can we achieve that form of unexaggerated reporting. Furthermore, if we do not pay attention to eliminating it, there will be negative effects in our efforts to let people know about the persecution.
  • Denmark: The Miraculous Recovery of my Daughter's Injured Wrist

    In the past, she usually only practises the exercises for a while then she runs off to play. Later on she told me that when she was doing the first exercise her wrist really hurt. The second time it was less painful and the third time it didn’t hurt at all. After this she could move her left hand and smoothly do all kinds of moves, as if it was never injured!
  • How a Ukrainian Judean Family Came to Practise Falun Gong - Part 2

    Irena and Vladimir are a couple who live with their two children in the south of the garden state of New Jersey in the United States. They are Jewish and were born in Ukraine, they are a first generation of immigrants to the US. Irena was born in Lviv of Ukraine, which was a small town in Poland before being annexed by the former Soviet Union. The following is the cultivation story of her and her family.
  • Falun Dafa is Indeed Miraculous

    I was extremely worried. I remembered a personal experience report in a Falun Dafa flyer: By saying "Falun Dafa is good" a person was cured of his disease. I asked my son to say loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" After he said this for a while, his fever dropped and his skin started to improve. Three days later, his condition again deteriorated. Again, I asked him to say, "Falun Dafa is good!" Other patients in the ward tried to avoid us when they heard my son saying, "Falun Dafa is good" since they had been poisoned by hate propaganda. It took my son just one week to recover after receiving medical treatment in this hospital.