Practitioners’ Forum, Benefits from the Practice

  • To Those Who Came Here and Forgot

    Shared at the 2015 European Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Vienna
  • My 2 year road of Dafa cultivation

    Shared at the 2015 European Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Vienna
  • Cultivating During the Shen Yun Promotion

    Shared at the 2015 European Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Vienna
  • Great Joy from the Promotion of Shen Yun

    Shared at the 2015 European Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Vienna
  • Major Exposure in Serbia During Europe-China Summit

    I’ve been practising Falun Dafa for over ten years. Although I’ve used every opportunity to spread the Fa in my country, there are still very few practitioners here. This hinders larger-scale activities, but opens space for cooperation with practitioners from abroad.
  • Taking Responsibility and Following Master’s Arrangements

    One evening, when I came home after a long business trip, my wife had just finished the 7 days lectures that Master gave in Sweden in 1995. She showed me the first exercise and I immediately said, “I want to learn this.’ But my cultivation process has been slow and I still struggle to become a diligent Dafa practitioner.
  • Going Forward in Cultivation

    I obtained the Fa in 2007 at my university in Dublin. In my heart I always knew that Falun Dafa was a very special practice that was unlike any ordinary qigong practice intended for healing and fitness.
  • Experiencing Dafa’s Miracles Whilst Promoting Shen Yun and Paying Heed to the Three Things

    I began to practise Falun Dafa in 1997. Since then, Master has helped me let go of attachments through tests or when facing trials and tribulations. I also recognised that a Dafa disciple has to do well with the three things and I feel the urgency and responsibility that arises from this immense Fa-rectification.
  • Improving My Cultivation Through Dafa Projects

    Since I came to Spain from Edinburgh, where I obtained the Fa in 2006, I have collaborated in many Dafa projects: the Epoch Times, clarifying the truth to politicians, the ZSR International Art Exhibition and Shen Yun, in addition to participating regularly in local activities that we organise.
  • Recognize and Get Rid of Attachments Through Cultivating

    In the first cultivation year I cultivated diligently by studying the Fa and doing all the five exercises every day. In the second cultivation year, I understood that I had to validate Fa, and I started doing the three things.
  • Cultivating Oneself in Dafa

    I started reading “Zhuan Falun” in 2007 after a friend of mine suggested it to me. Since then I realized within myself that I had found what I had been looking for. I began to feel the beauty and purity of Falun Dafa more and more. My family members also developed a positive attitude towards Dafa.
  • Being a Dafa Practitioner for a Year

    In May this year, the Premier of China would visit Athens. We decided to hand him a letter and I was entrusted to write and deliver it. I started writing the letter. The same day, I finished it and e-mailed it to fellow practitioners for comments and everyone answered immediately. The letter was soon translated in Chinese as well.
  • Cultivating Myself in Sales of the Epoch Times Newspaper

    It was in October 1997 when I started Dafa cultivation. In the course of my cultivation over these years, my every step could not become possible without Master's benevolence and care. Master's infinite grace is beyond words. Today I would like to share my experiences in advertising sales of Epoch Times newspaper over the past seven years.
  • Walking on the Path Paved by Our Master

    There were altogether three shows in three days. It was not the first time I had seen the Shen Yun show this year. On the second night, I was watching the show after the interval. The audience were touched by the beautiful scenes in the theatre and started clapping.
  • Stepping Up to the Frontline to Save Sentient Beings

    I am from London and I have been doing truth clarification work in London’s Chinatown. People from all over the world like to come here, especially people from mainland China. Practitioners have been preserved in clarifying the facts here for years. I joined them a year ago and started doing face-to-face truth clarification work to save sentient beings.