Germany: Letter from the Chairman of Duisburg City Committee to the Mayor of Wuhan City, Calling for the Release of Lin Wenrong

At the end of February 2003, Lin Wenrong’s friends in Germany heard about her arrest in Wuhan City, China. They went to the city government of Duisburg, Germany's sister-city of Wuhan, to tell the Chairman of Duisburg City Committee the truth about Falun Gong and Lin’s detention.

After talking with the practitioners, the Chairman of the City Committee wrote a letter to the Mayor of Wuhan City, telling him about Lin’s arrest. He voiced his sympathy and concern for Lin who might easily be suffering from torture and ill-treatment. In his letter, he also mentioned how worried Lin’s friends are about her detention, and that he would try every possible means to help her return to Dusseldorf as soon as possible. At the end of the letter, he called on the Mayor of Wuhan City to try his best to help Lin Wenrong. Lin’s friends hope they can welcome her home in the near future.

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