Clarifying the Truth at Tourist Spots

Greetings to Master and fellow practitioners!

I would like to share about how I cultivated myself while I clarified the truth at tourist spots

Using compassion to respond to blame

One day I was clarifying the truth at tourist spots alone. I met a tour guide who I was familiar with and greeted this person. A few people were chatting near us. One of them who I never met before said in an unfriendly way: “Being retired, you can choose other things to do, why do you come here?”

My mind was not moved, and I continued to hand out fliers. In the evening I thought that this person did not know the truth. If he knew I was saving people, his knowing side would appreciate me. I must clarify the truth to him.

The next day I met him again. I said hello to him first. He said hello with a smile. Then he said: “Give me a copy of your newspaper, I want to read it.” He told me he came from Changchun, living next to our Master’s residential building. He said his brother had worked in the same art group with Master. He said he practised Falun Gong for a few days only, but gave up later. He owns a few restaurants in Stockholm and hoped that we could send newspapers to his restaurants. Since then, every time when we met, he always picked up the newspaper to read.

In August, tourist numbers suddenly increased. I thought there are so many tourists; they must be arranged to be here in order to hear about the truth and be saved. I learned from the Fa that clarifying the truth should follow ordinary people’s ways of thinking so we can get close to them.

One day, a man and a woman got off a bus. I greeted them and handed them some Dafa materials. They stood there without saying any words. I noticed their appearance was similar. I said: “You both look alike. You look very nice.” They both smiled. The man said: “Really? Can I have one of your newspapers? He picked up the Nine Commentaries and truth clarification materials then left.

I believe that tourists want to be happy and relaxed! Dafa disciples clarifying the truth is to help them find peace. Tourists have a chance to know the truth about Dafa no matter which countries they are going to; this is their hope to be saved. When the tourists left, I said to them from bottom of my heart that I wished to see them again and hoped they had a peaceful and enjoyable journey. After I said that to them, one tourist said loudly: “We wish Falun Gong a long life!” I responded with thanks and told them that supporting Dafa would give them good fortune. One of them said: “Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa!”

In the past, my fellow practitioners told me I was too serious. Actually, it is because I am not compassionate enough. I even argued many times with tourists and tour guides.

Once I was clarifying the truth to a tourist, two young guides attacked me, slandered the Nine Commentaries, and stopped me handing out flyers to tourists. This year, I met with them again. When I sincerely sent my best regards to them, they replied with thanks and a smile. They had changed. One of them was sitting inside a coach. I walked up to him and asked if he had read the newspaper. He kindly offered me some chocolate in return.

I told him: “You are always busy on the tour, and I am always busy handing out newspapers. We haven’t had much of a chance to talk. You may wonder why we hand out this newspaper in the rain and wind. Once you read the newspaper you will understand.”

I gave him a copy of the newspaper and he took it. Now every time he comes again he picks up a copy of the newspaper by himself.

Tourist guides’ attitudes can influence the tourists. Some guides had read the newspapers. I took the chance to clarify more of the truth to them. Some of them had quit being Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members, leagues members and young pioneers.

Once I introduced our newspaper to a tourist by telling him that there was some news about Bo Xilai’s downfall. The man said: “I don’t believe the CCP, neither do I believe what you said.” I didn’t know how to answer him at that moment, and he left. Later I thought, this person represents quite lot of people. How can I make him believe the truth? Didn’t Wang Lijun expose the truth to the world in order to save his life? There was a tour with a dozen people on it. I said that Bo Xilai’s coup conspiracy to remove Xi Jinping had been exposed to the international society by Wang Lijun; this news can’t be seen in China, no matter how much money you pay. At that moment, one of the tourists walked back and said: “I am just looking for it.” Then the rest of them then came to ask for a copy of the newspaper.

Sometimes I meet with tourists who looked like cadres, saying that they never take newspapers that reported about Wang and Bo’s news. But I didn’t give up, I continued: “When Wen Jiabao visited Europe, the people who accompanied him picked up newspapers.” Sometimes, tourists who had passed by already suddenly came back for newspapers. I always encouraged them saying: “It was not easy to come abroad; looking and listening more can make you wiser. Inside China, news is inaccurate, so you can’t judge correctly the current situation. I am here to tell you the truth; you have your own mind and should analyse it for yourselves.”

Cherish fellow practitioners

Because I was alone at tourist spots clarifying the truth, sometimes tourists asked questions and waited for an answer, and at that time other tourists passed by quickly.

One day, an elderly practitioner who lives in another city called me with a plan to stay at my place for a while. I was happy to have a companion. When I met the practitioner at the railway station, I was disappointed. The practitioner had long grey hair over her shoulders and was wearing dark clothes.

I said: “I know you and know you are a practitioner. If I didn’t know you, I would have thought you might have mental problems. Why don’t you have your hair cut?” Once I had said that I immediately realized I was complaining.

The practitioner said her mother had passed away and according to their traditional ways, they can not have their hair and nails cut for four months.

I said to her that isn’t it an ordinary people’s way? She said we should maximally conform with ordinary people. If I couldn’t reach consummation, then I will cultivate in the next life again.” Later we memorized Master’s lecture to reinforce her righteous thought.

However, I still felt uneasy. When handing out newspapers and clarifying the truth at tourist spots, that place is also a window to display Dafa disciples. The elderly practitioner lived in the countryside in the past; her life was simple. She had dyed her socks from a light to dark colour and continued to wear them. In addition, she had long messy hair. How could I take her out in public? Later I thought, she was here already, she shouldn’t stay at home; I should take her to the tourist spots. Maybe I paid too much attention to the surface appearance.

I suggested to her to have her hair cut. I gave her my hat, skirt and socks to wear. Then we went out. We happened to see a tour when we arrived at the tourist spot. She was very active. She walked ahead of me, handing out a few copies of the newspapers and I encouraged her.

At that time I was waiting for a teacher to help me contact a language school. I thought if I went to school, the practitioner would have to come to the tourist spots alone. I must encourage her to be independent and walk her own path. So I was very patient and showed her where to get off the bus and where to go.

Two days later I asked her to walk in front of me and hoped that she would remember the route. However, when we should turn right after getting off at the bus station, she turned left. I stopped her and asked if she knew which way was right. She pointed left and said “Here is right”. I asked her in which hand she used chopsticks; she raised her right hand and said sorry.

She couldn’t remember the road and continually picked the wrong way for three days. I was worried. I said to her that she had been in Sweden for nearly 10 years; every time she comes here she needs someone to her pick up – she should learn to be independent. Every time I blamed her she just smiled and apologized for bringing me many troubles. She said she knew I had the good intention of trying to help her.

I suddenly understood: actually she was helping me, not I helping her. I looked inward while I was cooking in the kitchen. I had the attachment of fearing trouble and was uncompassionate. This is not only arranged by Master to let my righteous side help her, but also arranged by Master to use her compassionate side to eliminate my unrighteous behaviour.

After that I changed myself and thought about her from my heart. I would not pressure her to remember the road; I would rather do everything for her without any condition. I told myself to maintain good xinxing; no matter what mistakes she made, I would never blame her.

While I was thinking about it, I heard a big bang in the other room. It sounded like some porcelain had smashed in the lounge. My mind was not moved. I calmly went into the lounge and found that she was picking up a telephone from the floor. She had knocked over a vase and a telephone from window sill. I maintained my xinxing this time.

In the past I always considered right or wrong was the most important things in my life. I often argued with fellow practitioners, like a bomb going off instantly. I always failed to maintain my xinxing and was not compassionate. I almost lost confidence in myself. But this time I changed, and I felt very happy. I told myself to remember: I will never argue again no matter what bad words other people said to me. However, the test soon arrived.

I shared my experiences in a group and wrote on a group forum. Some fellow practitioners questioned the way I greeted tourists, because they said that many evil persons were on the tour, including people who work for the 610 office. I knew that this was another opportunity to upgrade myself. I told myself must that I must maintain my xinxing level; I won’t argue who is right or who is wrong.

From 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. there were four or five practitioners blaming me on the group forum. Some of them said, “You greet people who persecute Falun Gong?” I felt hurt, because I had had a busy day. We had handed out the newspaper at tourist spots from 8 a.m. I left for an exam at 9.30 a.m. Then I picked up the practitioner from the tourist spots at 11 a.m. Then I prepared lunch at home. I sent her to the train station after lunch. Those practitioners didn’t help to hand out newspapers but blamed me on the group forum. I felt very upset. I thought those were people who didn’t do things but blamed those who have done things.

I tried hard to calm down. I understood that being upset is qing (sentimentality); it is not part of my true self. I felt uneasy because I could not let the attachment go. I thought, no matter what, I will never argue with my fellow practitioners; I must look inward when facing problems. I found my attachment of zealotry, showing off and doing things. I had a strong demon nature in the past, didn’t maintain good xinxing, and also argued with fellow practitioners. I asked myself: how did I treat other people in the past? The debt needed to be paid off. I am grateful to Master for giving me the opportunity to improve myself. I should let every attachment go and with fellow practitioners clarify the truth together, saving more sentient beings.

Some practitioners didn’t go to tourist spots to clarify the truth. I started to share with them. I hoped they could find time to do it, even for one day. In the end, many practitioners wanted to go. I arranged shifts for them according to their availability, at least two persons per day. Now we have dozens of practitioners participating in clarifying the truth at tourist spots. Practitioners who were involved in a busy project also found time to join us. Sometimes there are five or six practitioners handing out newspapers. The result is that three times more newspapers were handed out this year compared with last year.

Last year, most of the time only I handed out newspapers at tourist spots, and many tour guides remembered me. This year we have had more practitioners join in. One tour guide made a joke and said: “Your team becomes stronger and stronger.”

Fellow practitioners helped me to break my notion

One day when I went to the tourist spots, three practitioners had already arrived. It was very crowded that day. I suddenly recognized a person who was walking at the front of a tour: it was my former boss, currently a deputy provincial governor. He didn’t recognize me. I quickly turned my face around; I didn’t want him to see me. A practitioner introduced the newspaper to him. Some people accepted, some didn’t. A person said: “Good, I will read it carefully when I go back.”

After the tour left, I told practitioners that I must go home now. A practitioner asked why I wanted to go home as I had just arrived. I told the practitioner that on the tour that had just left was my former boss in China, who is currently a deputy governor. I used to dye my hair in China, now I have stopped. I don't want to show him my grey hair; it would not be a good way to present Dafa.

The practitioner told me that this was a good chance to clarify the truth. I was saving him, I shouldn’t miss the chance. Once history has passed by, he will remember this. He would be very appreciative of what I had done.

I noticed my attachment to fame and desire hadn’t been removed completely. I decided to stay to wait for the governor and clarify the truth to him. I felt a bit nervous, as I didn’t know what he would say. Practitioners encouraged me, saying that I could do it well.

I calmed myself down and thought I am a Dafa disciple, the highest title in the universe. What do I have to be ashamed for? I must save him. I prepared what to say to him and waited for him to come back.

Forty minutes later he came back. I started to talk to him. He was surprised and didn’t expect to see me there. He said they didn’t plan to come to Sweden, but later found they had some spare time and came. They would travel to another country by ship. He was very concerned about me and asked how my family was. Later he noticed my hair was grey. I told him that I dyed my hair when I lived in China but now I had stopped.

I told his companions that the governor was very wise and responsible; he had taken care of me at work. The governor was very happy to hear that. One of them I knew from the past agreed with what I said. After chatting, I politely said to the others that I wanted to talk to the governor alone. Then I started to clarify the truth to him.

The persecution started six months after I obtained Fa. I used to work in a government office; I had a strong attachment to fighting. I often argued with my managers at work, using evil to restrain the evil. After I went aboard, I often felt regret that I didn’t do well at the work unit. During the process of saving sentient beings, Master arranged for people who were predestined to come to us to hear the truth. Master also arranged for my fellow practitioners to help me to get rid of my attachments. Without my fellow practitioner’s encouragement, I would have left.

Thank you benevolent and great Master; thank you fellow practitioners.

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