Falun Gong Practitioners’ Experiences in Turkey

Falun Gong Practitioners’ Experiences in Turkey

Part 1

On August 18th, 2001, eleven practitioners from Sweden, Germany, Australia and the United States of America met in Istanbul, Turkey to mutually participate in Fa-rectification (telling people the truth about Falun Gong and exposing the evil deeds of the persecutors – editor’s explanation). At first we simply showed the exercises in the streets and in public squares and eventually distributed 10,000 flyers. The response of the Turkish people was tremendous. Most people were actually glad and encouraged us to continue. Their eyes shone when they read the three principles, ZHEN SHAN REN (Truthfulness,Compassion,Forbearance). Their hearts were immediately opened through the uprightness of Falun Dafa. One can say that this land has been waiting for Falun Dafa.

Three practitioners had to go to the police station because of an SOS flyer. It took them three hours to clear up formalities with the police. We took that as our chance to speak with the police that same day and offered to teach them the exercises. The police agreed. The following day and the day after we went and taught them the exercises, which they liked. They cannot understand why their colleagues in China are treating practitioners so harshly because they persist in doing the exercises. Our righteousness erased all their concerns.

We had a press conference planned for Tuesday, using the time the day before to send out and distribute invitations to the press in person and also sent invitations through an Internet café. We also introduced the daughter of the Internet café owner to Falun Dafa and set up a date to show her the exercises. At the appointed time she had brought along her brother and a friend.

The press conference itself was held at a hotel hall. The hall had been rented and paid for by a kind-hearted Istanbul woman who already knew about Falun Dafa and about our work. Although she is not yet a practitioner, she has already internalized the true nature of Falun Dafa. We were all very touched by her support from her good heart. She said that it is her contribution for Falun Dafa. Two TV teams and representatives of three newspapers listened intently as two eye- witnesses talked about the true persecution happening in China. One of the witnesses told of her eight months of endured abuse; the other one spoke of her 13 months of unlawful incarceration. The reporters’ subsequent questions clearly illuminated the extent of the persecution. The media quickly understood what was true and what was false. We found out later that the following day there were reports on TV as well as in the newspapers about the press conference.

All along, we continued to distribute flyers in the streets. We had some interesting experiences while doing so. Among others, a Jordanian national who up until a while ago had held a post at the Ministry of Agriculture in Jordan wanted to learn more about Falun Dafa. He intended to spend his last day in Istanbul with us. We went to a human rights organization and presented the story of the persecution. They gave us an appointment at their headquarters in Ankara. We met many small business/retail owners; were frequently invited to tea. As luck would have it, a good friend of one of the merchants stopped by. In the course of conversation we discovered that he is a book distributor who works in a publishing house. I asked him whether he would publish a Turkish version of Zhuan Falun. He agreed immediately. Although at this point we had no Turkish translation at hand, we were a step closer. About the translation itself I thought that we would find a way.

We lived in the youth hostel the whole time where a travel agent showed a nightly entertainment programme. Since we were already known for demonstrating the exercises, he simply invited us to introduce the exercises and Falun Dafa as part of the programme one evening.

Thursday, August 23rd, we travelled on to Ankara where we had planned a press conference for the following day. For that particular press conference we had invited a woman interpreter. In our negotiations with her we discovered that she has a profound interest in Falun Dafa. She invited us to her home that same evening where we found out that she is willing to translate Zhuan Falun into Turkish! So, in a span of a few days we not only found a publisher but also a translator for the Turkish version of Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books.

Again, several representatives of various newspapers and a TV team came to the press conference. The TV team actually showed up the day before already, to video tape our exercise demonstration. We were asked detailled questions regarding the particulars of this cultivation system and its effect on health. Everywhere we found open ears and open hearts.

At this point we can already say that many Turkish citizens have recognized the truth of Falun Dafa and in their hearts positioned themselves for Dafa. We are still there and will have to arrange additional activities.

A Practitioner from Germany
August 26th, 2001

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