UK: Report on the SOS Car Tour to Rescue our Persecuted Family Members (1)

On the morning of July 3rd, several British practitioners began an SOS car tour to tell the public, media and officials of the UK how Jiang’s regime is persecuting innocent Falun Dafa practitioners in China and about the illegally detained family members of two UK practitioners, Yongjie Zhu, fiancée of UMIST alumnus Dr Xie Weiguo, and Zhu Baolian, sister of Londoner Mr Zhu Baosheng.

The first stops of the tour were two cities on the south coast of England. When they reached the first city, the practitioners sent a petition letter to the local councillors giving them the opportunity to support the campaign to rescue practitioners’ family members. Practitioners also contacted the local media to tell them about the activities to rescue UK practitioners’ persecuted family members. A local councillor recognised Falun Gong after conversing with practitioners, and soon consented to the transmission of petition letters to all members of the local council, along with offering his signature of support. He also warmly posed for a photograph with us before our leaving.

Practitioners distributed flyers about Falun Gong while walking on the streets of the city centre and we soon ran out of flyers due to meeting a lot of Chinese people here. We sensed at once that we had insufficient flyers although we thought we had made ample preparation before departure. Meanwhile, we discovered many kind-hearted Chinese people eager to know the truth.

On July 4th, we visited another three cities in England. We not only submitted petition letters to the Council Offices but also made an appointment with the local newspaper that had a large circulation. Practitioners explained to the editor our purpose and the kindness the Council members had shown to us. When it came to the evil leader Jiang Zemin being accused of persecuting Falun Gong in the courts of two western democratic countries, the editor was quite interested in it and admired our righteous behaviour.

Because of the intensive schedule, we hastily headed for the next city. While exchanging opinions with one another in our car, we suddenly became conscious of the fact that so far this tour has been smoother than the one we did two years ago; in spite of the inconvenience we endured during the long distances travelled by car. Nevertheless, this very rewarding tour gave us a new experience of the mighty power of Falun Dafa.

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