Japan Economic Newswire: Falun Gong Follower Released from Detention in China

Chinese authorities have released a Chinese woman living in Japan who was detained in China from May last year for her activities in the Falun Gong, Japanese diplomats over there said on Monday.

According to the Japanese Embassy in Beijing, Luo Rong, 39, was sentenced by China to labour reeducation for about a year and a half after she was arrested May 24 in Beijing along with two Japanese while passing out Falun Gong leaflets to passersby.

Luo Rong, whose Japanese name is Yoko Kaneko, is a resident of Hamochi, Niigata Prefecture.

Embassy officials said Luo was released Sunday after serving out her sentence.

They said Luo was in good health when she visited the embassy later Sunday, and is now preparing to leave Beijing.

Her 48-year-old husband Atsushi Kaneko, who has been in China seeking his wife's release, said he is looking forward to returning to Japan with her.

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