Human Rights Organisations Encourage U.S to Introduce a China Resolution at UNHRC

With the 60th Session of United Nations Commission on Human Rights in Geneva quickly approaching, international human rights Organisations passed a resolution on March the 11th to support the United States to introduce a resolution at the Commission to condemn China for its persecution against Falun Gong practitioners and other human rights abuses.

This resolution points out that China's human rights record continued worsening in the past year. Examples include the on-going repression of spiritual and political groups such as Falun Gong practitioners, Tibetans, Catholics, Protestants, the unjust arrest and detention of spiritual leaders and political dissidents, harsh conditions in prisons and labour camps, forced-labour in labour camps, coercive family planning policies, and deprivation of fundamental freedoms of expression, assembly and press.

“The violent assault on Falun Gong, a peaceful spiritual practice whose three principles are Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance, is a prime example of that very injustice; and the Falun Gong persecution, like other human rights abuses in China, violates the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and China’s own constitution,” the resolution says.

“Women in particular have been the target of numerous forms of sexual violence, including gang rape, sexual assault, and late term forced abortion, for instance, Miss Xingyan Wei, a Falun Gong practitioner and a graduate student from Chongqing University was openly raped by a policeman at the Baihelin Detention Centre in the Shapingba District of Chongqing City,” the resolution says.

The resolution cites the case of Dr. Charles Lee, a United States citizen, who was arrested as he arrived China on January 22, 2003, and was sentenced to a 3-year prison term for no crime but his intention to expose the human rights violations towards Falun Gong practitioners that Chinese government has tried to conceal. The resolution calls the release of Dr. Lee and all other prisoners of conscience.

Furthermore, “over the past 4 years China's diplomatic corps has been actively involved in blacklisting, harassing and persecuting overseas Falun Gong practitioners; and exerting diplomatic and financial pressure on foreign nations, such as Iceland, Germany, Thailand and France, to stop Falun Gong practitioners from holding peaceful protests,” the resolution says.

“These acts by the Jiang regime has greatly endangered the national security of these nations, and jeopardised the principles of freedom, justice and democracy cherished in the West,” the resolution adds.

In addition, the resolution points out that the Jiang regime has coerced overseas corporations and Organisations to ban their ethics by discriminating Falun Gong practitioners in regular business activities, and has forced some multinational corporations to become its accomplice to persecute Falun Gong practitioners by forcing their employees in China to give up their practice.

The resolution calls the United States to continue its tradition in taking the lead in drafting a China Resolution to highlight Falun Gong persecution and other human rights abuses and taking the lead in organising multilateral support to obtain passage by the Commission of such a resolution.

The resolution also calls all countries with representatives at the 60th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Commission to support passage of such a resolution.

A revised resolution has submitted to the U.S. State Department on April 2 and is being submitted to UNCHR and all members of the 60th Session of United Nations Commission on Human Rights .

We keep getting support and sign-on from NGOs and individuals from all over the world. The update signatories of this resolution include:

1. Global Mission to Rescue Persecuted Falun Gong Practitioners
2. Global Coalition to Bring Jiang to Justice
3. China Support Network (USA)
4. Global Coalition against Article 23 Legislation
5. Friends of Charles Lee (USA)
6. World Organisation to Investigate Persecution of Falun Gong
7. China e-Lobby (USA)
8. Global Information Freedom (USA)
9. Safeguarding Rights of Women and Children Association (USA)
10.Mothers and Grandmothers for a Safe China and a Safe Canada (Canada)
11.Fa Wang Hui Hui (USA)
12. China Forum (USA)
13. China's Human Rights and Press Freedom League
14.Chinese labour Party (Australia)
15.China Affairs (USA)
16.Lao Gai Foundation (USA)
17.Heavenly River Writing House (Australia)
18.Free China Movement (USA)
19.Free China Forum(USA)
20.China Democracy Party Joint Head quarters(USA);
21.Party for Freedom and Democracy in China(USA)
22.Alliance for Democracy in China(USA)
23.International Association of Chinese Workers(USA)
24.China labour Party(USA)
25.Leiter der Foederation fuer ein Demokratisches China in Rheinland (Germany)
26.Campaign to Free Dr. Wang Bingzhang
27.Chinese VIP Reference
28.Campaign For Abolishment Of Laojiao Concentration Camp
29.Broad Alliance for Rescuing Dr. WANG Bingzhang
30.Chinese Alliance for Democracy (USA)
31.China Peace (USA)
32.International Institute of Future Science and Culture
33.The Press of Overseas Chinese Students (USA)
34.Boston New Life and Culture Centre (USA)
35.The Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition (Australia)
36.Alliance of China Youth and Democracy (France)
37.Friends of Falun Gong (USA)
38.Association for Asian Research (USA)
39.Beijing Spring (USA)
40.International Advocates for Justice (Taiwan)
41.Washington Forum (USA)
42.Free Church for China
43.Petals of Peace (Australia)
44.Press Freedom and Human Rights League
46.Global Alliance for Democracy and Peace (Washington DC-Baltimore Chapter)
47.Huang Pu Military Academy Alumni Association, Greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area (USA)
48.The Greater Washington Endochinese Benevolent Association (USA)
49.Taiwan Benevolent Association of America (USA)
50.Wudang Qigong School (Australia)
51.The Federation for a Democratic China (Australia Section)
52.China Freedom and Democracy Party Australia Committee (Sydney Section)
53.China Freedom and Democracy Party (Melbourne)
54.China Democracy Movement United Congress (Australia Section)
55.Caring for Human Rights in China (USA)
56.Amnesty International, Margaret River Group (Australia)
57.Tibetan Women’s Association (India)
58.Institute of UN & UNESCO Studies (India)
59.Boston Minghui School (USA)
60. Alliance of Hong Kong in United States – Boston branch (USA)
61. China Democracy Long March Foundation of Boston (USA)
62. Friends of Hong Kong and Macao in Boston (USA)
63.Love from Taiwan Foundation (USA)

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