Radio France Internationale: Falun Gong Practitioner Wang Xia Tortured in Huhhot Female Prison

Radio France Internationale broadcast the following report in Mandarin to Greater Paris on Monday September 13th 2004.

In accordance with news revealed by the Falun Gong Association, thirty year old practitioner Wang Xia was brutally tortured and steps were taken to prevent the disclosure of the facts inside Huhhot Female prison in Lin Her City in inner Mongolia.

After the spread of the news by international media, a lot of people were concerned and expressed their sympathy for Wang Xia and her family.

Wang Xia cannot take care of herself, she is often in a state of unconsciousness. At present her parents and unemployed sister look after her in turns, but local security officers visit her with the excuse of enquiring after her welfare in an attempt to threaten Wang Xia with returning her to prison.

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