Does Hu Jintao have the Courage to Stop the Malicious Persecution?

A November 20th news bulletin on the Falun Gong website (the Chinese version of, reported that Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Sun Qian was arrested late in October 2002 by police from the Luyuan Police Station in Changchun City. He was first detained in the Tiebei Detention Centre and brutally tortured, then jailed in the Jilin Provincial Second Prison. Mr. Sun was tortured on the Stretching Bed1, which caused a tendon to detach from his ankle. He is now disabled as he can no longer walk.

Another report on indicated that Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Gao Rongrong, whose face was disfigured by seven hours of torture from electric baton shocks, escaped from the hospital on the 5th of October, 2004. The Shenyang City Department of Justice issued a "Most Wanted" poster, describing Ms. Gao as "relatively thin, weighing only eighty-eight pounds, with obvious scars on the left side of her face, and cannot walk by herself." This poster proves that Ms. Gao only "weighs eighty-eight pounds," and "cannot walk" due to the torture she was subjected to. They seem to have forgot to mention that her face was severely disfigured by the shocks she received from the electric batons. Even more revealing is that these descriptions of the results of torture are found on a police "Most Wanted" poster, demonstrating that the police are more sinister than the Mafia.

New reports of police brutality are being posted on daily, and these represent only the tip of the iceberg. Such inhuman tortures are happening in every province, city, county, and district in China. As the highest ranking official in China, how can Hu Jintao not take one bit of action? If a policeman ignores criminals that kill or commit arson, instead of trying to stop such crimes, isn't this clearly an act of malfeasance?

No matter what choices Hu Jintao makes, it will not change the determination and actions of Falun Dafa practitioners to bring the Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin and his followers to justice, or change the magnificent triumph of Falun Dafa, when it soon overcomes this persecution. Every person is establishing his position in eternity during this time period. They can choose to follow the will of the people and bring about a better conclusion, or ignore this persecution for their own selfish gains, which will ultimately lead to bad consequences. This is an extremely serious choice for Hu Jintao. History is about to turn the page on this matter, and we hope that Hu will make a choice that allows him to feel fortunate in the future.


(1) Stretching Bed: This is the most brutal torture device in Jilin Prison. The jailers tie the four limbs of practitioners who have refused to give up their belief to a special bed. The bed has four shackles. They attach a practitioner's hands and feet to the shackles, and pull on the shackles. The practitioner's body rises above the bed by the force of stretching the four limbs. Additional force is then applied to the shackles. The person loses consciousness in a few minutes. After ten minutes, the joints, muscles, flesh, and skin separate.

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