Israel: Practising Falun Gong on Tel Aviv Beach

The Tel Aviv City Government recently invited practitioners to teach people Falun Gong during the city's "One Hour Before Sunset" programme at Central City Beach near city hall. Ever since, many citizens have come to the beach to learn about the truth of the persecution and to practise the exercises. A lot of Israelis have asked, "Why is such a good practice being persecuted in China?"

Israelis practising Falun Gong

Typically, a practitioner will give an introduction while others are demonstrating the exercises. Many tourists and local people are then attracted by the peaceful exercises and join in.

At the beach, practitioners also display many posters to illustrate the six-year brutal persecution by the Chinese Communist regime. The slow and relaxing exercises and the peaceful practice site are a dramatic contrast to the brutal torture documented in the posters.

Posters about the persecution at the beach

A practitioner from Jerusalem said, "After learning the truth, many have chosen to join us to experience Falun Dafa."

A practitioner from Tel Aviv said, "Many people believe that Falun Gong is great, and they can't understand why such a good practice is being persecuted in China."

The "One Hour Before Sunset" programme will continue to the end of August. Every Thursday evening in August, people can come to the beach to practise Falun Gong.

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