Persecution of Practitioner Ms Lei Zhanxiang from Gansu Province

Practitioner Ms. Lei Zhanxiang is from Gansu Province. In the evening on December 30th, 2005, she was distributing materials exposing the persecution and was discovered by policeman Zhang who was on duty. Then, Zhang called for two security guards from Yongchang County Criminal Branch. Three of them pulled Lei Zhangxiang's scarf and tried to choke her. They punched and kicked her, and then dragged her to the Yonganyuan Police Station. By then, Lei Zhanxiang was unconscious.

Police from the Yongchang County Police Station came to carry Lei Zhanxiang to the police car. They handcuffed her in the police station for 24 hours, and tortured her in order to learn the source of the Falun Dafa materials. They beat her until she wet her trousers, which felt like being soaked in icy water on the bitter cold New Year's Day of 2006. When Lei Zhanxiang was sent to the Yongchang County Detention Centre, she was very weak. The guards in the detention centre punished her by ordering her to carry a bed board for 48 hours. On January 5th, 2006, Lei Zhanxiang was formally arrested by police officers from the Yongchang County Police Station. (She had been forced to be homeless ever since the warrant for her arrest was issued on April 30th, 2002.)

When Lei Zhanxiang was held in the detention centre, the police tried hard to block the news of her arrest. They often interrogated and tortured her to learn the source of the Falun Dafa materials and the funding for the materials. They did not allow her family to visit her and forced her to perform excessive physical labour.

Recently the police prepared to secretly hold a court session for Ms. Lei in Yongchang Court. Fearing the exposure of their evildoings, they did not inform the practitioner's family.

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