Ph.D Student Wang Weiyu Severely Tortured at Qianjin Prison in Beijing

Wang Weiyu is a Ph. D. student in the Department of Delicate Instruments and Mechanical Devices at Tsinghua University. His hometown is in Tai'an, Shandong Province. On August 12th, 2002, he was arrested by the National Security Team. In 2004, the Chaoyang District Court in Beijing gave him a severe sentence of eight years. When he appealed to the Second Intermediate People's Court in Beijing, the intermediate court did not open a session, but directly gave a written statement to affirm the original decision. Currently, Wang Weiyu is detained in the Qianjin Prison in Beijing. In March 2006, he was transferred to the 8th ward from the original 12th ward. The instructor of the 12th ward is Chen Jun, and the instructor of the 8th ward is Liang Kai. Qianjin Prison detains all the Beijing Dafa practitioners who were sentenced, including Li Chang and Ji Liewu.

On either October 5th or 6th, 2006, Wang Weiyu was hurt in the tendon of his right leg. It is said that a criminal kicked him and injured his right leg in a compulsory "recreational activity" in the prison. After the injury, Wang Weiyu's right leg immediately became swollen and congested, which persisted for a long time. His front foot sole could not touch the ground for three and a half months. However, the prison did not inform his relatives and also did not arrange any checkup or treatments until his family went to visit him. His family found him in bad shape and noticed the severe situation. After consulting an orthopaedic specialist, they were told that Wang Weiyu's symptom was probably due to at least a partial break or a torn tendon and suggested that Wang Weiyu have surgery right away; otherwise, his leg would be disabled. Wang Weiyu's situation was very urgent.

Liang Kai, the instructor of the 8th ward knew Wang Weiyu was injured, but he still forced Wang to finish all of the work, do exercises, and stand in line. Wang's family asked to have the surgery done right away. They appealed to the prison administration bureau, and condemned Qianjin Prison's persecution system. The prison was afraid of taking the responsibility and stopped Wang Weiyu's daily, high-intensity labour, and other forced activities. At that time three months had passed since Wang Weiyu was injured. Even under such circumstances, the prison still did not do a solid effort in treatment. Wang Weiyu's father personally went to Chadian, Tianjin City, from Shandong, and asked the person in charge of the Qianjin Prison to solve the problem. The prison called the relevant policemen to have a so-called conversation with Wang's elderly father and seemed to make a great effort to deceive him. Actually, they just wanted to shift the responsibility. On such occasions, Liang Kai, the person directly in charge of this whole incident, and other prison officials, kept explaining that they did not know at that time and they did not know how serious it was, otherwise they would have sent him for an examination earlier, etc. However, another month had passed since Wang Weiyu's family discovered Wang's injured condition and reported it to the prison administration. Except for reporting to the higher authorities and saying, "Officials personally brought Wang Weiyu to the hospital for examination" the prison system only did a superficial checkup but did not allow any treatment for such a personal injury incident.

Since getting arrested by the national security team in August 2002, Wang Weiyu has been inhumanly tortured. He was detained in the Brainwashing Centre at the Beijing Legal System Education Centre for six months and twelve days. During that time, he was isolated in a single cell for a long time and monitored by guards and did not get any warm clothes. He endured the winter of 2002 by wearing just the shirt he was wearing when he was arrested in August. The long-term isolated detention and brainwashing made Wang's mental state very weak. At that time, even someone whispering near him would scare him. In the Beijing Legal System Education Centre, Wang Weiyu was shocked over his whole body by multiple electric batons, including on sensitive parts such as the top of his head. The top of his head even blistered and peeled. Half a year later, he was detained in the Chaoyang District Detention Centre. The criminals in the same cell still saw the black marks on his body due to the electric shocks. Now that he is detained in the Qianjin Prison, he still has bad headaches as a result of the torture.

In January 2006, in the 12th ward of the Qianjin Prison in Beijing, Falun Gong practitioners were reported and detained in small cells because they passed Master's articles and said so-called "sensitive words." Falun Gong practitioners all stood up to talk to the guards. Some practitioners explained the facts about Falun Dafa and declared all of their oral and written statements not conforming to Dafa void, which really shocked the authorities. Chen Jun, the instructor, was forced to yield. The situation in the prison was improved. However, Chen Jun nursed a hatred and tried to find a chance to get revenge and restore the horrible atmosphere. On March 9th, armed policemen were arranged in the prison hall and blocked all doors of the prison cells. They took away seven Dafa practitioners. The prison also set up the 8th ward as the strictly monitoring division for isolating those Dafa practitioners who did not yield to their transformation efforts. The 8th ward only detains 8 Dafa practitioners (Lin Shusen who was sentenced later is also detained in the 8th ward.) The Dafa practitioners detained in the 8th ward were isolated in different classes. Sometimes 7 or 8 collaborators1 watched one practitioner.

Wang Weiyu was injured on the tendon of his right leg while many collaborators watched. Usually, those collaborators even recorded Wang Weiyu's every facial expression and reported it to Liang Kai. How dare they not report Wang Weiyu's injury to the instructor and the team leader? Therefore, the Qianjin Prison's excuse of "not knowing the situation" cannot be valid.

We herein call on all practitioners to call the Qianjin Prison and ask them to completely end all persecution of Dafa practitioners.

Education Department of the Qianjin Prison: 86-22-67998274
Li Zhengxian, Warden: 86-10-83589401
Lu Guoxing, Commissar
Pan Wanqian, Deputy Warden, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong: 86-10-83589406
Cheng Huijian, Deputy Warden, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong
Liu Chengshan, Instructor of the 1 ward
Liang Fuyu, former instructor of the 1 ward


1. "Collaborators": Former practitioners who have turned against Falun Gong under brainwashing and torture. They are then made to assist in brainwashing and torturing practitioners.

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