My Recent Experience in Calmly Studying the Falun Gong Teachings

In the past, I could not concentrate when studying the Falun Gong teachings, the Fa. Teacher said in "Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.,"

"So when you study the Fa, don't just go through the motions. You have to calm your mind when you read it, and truly study it. Don't let your mind sneak away from you. Once your mind wanders off, you'll be studying in vain. If we look at it from another angle, when you study the Fa and your mind isn't on the Fa, it's not only a problem of just going through the motions, but also that the person studying the Fa is actually not being very respectful of the Fa. How could the Fa reveal itself, then?"

In order to become diligent in studying the Fa, I decided to memorise the book Zhuan Falun. It has been over one month and I am into the third lecture. I feel a rapid improvement. Through memorising the Fa, I have seen the following benefits of calmly studying the Fa:

Memorising the Fa is studying the Fa with concentration. In memorising the Fa, one will not just go through the motions with his mind sneaking away. This is because you need to force yourself to focus as much as you can. Otherwise, you will not be able to memorise the Fa. The more concentrated your mind, the better the effect of Fa study. Therefore during the process of memorising the Fa, I constantly gain new realisations and understandings of the Fa. My attachments diminish dramatically and my thought karma is eliminated. I feel clear-headed and very light. More importantly, if you study the Fa well, you will have a strong righteous mind and be highly motivated. As a result, wisdom will emerge continuously and you will be able to do the three things well. You will no longer feel busy and tired.

1. Always keep strong righteous thoughts and be more diligent. Our righteous thoughts come from Dafa. Therefore, the more of the Fa our minds contain, the more powerful our righteous thoughts. If we can memorise the Fa, we can then keep strong righteous thoughts and be diligent at every moment.

2. Memorising the Fa makes it easier to concentrate. After memorising the Fa for a while, I find that I can easily concentrate when reading Zhuan Falun or watching the Fa lectures. In addition, I can easily keep focused until the end. This was rare in the past. I am also able to read faster without having the intention of purposely reading faster.

During the process of memorising Zhuan Falun, I do not force myself to memorise an entire lecture or several lectures. Instead, I memorise the Fa section by section. Once I finish memorising one section (I refer to the part under each subtitle, for example "Whoever Practises Cultivation Will Attain Gong"), I go on to the next section and do not go back to "review." This speeds up the progress. It doesn’t matter even if I forget some parts afterwards. I will go through it a second time after memorising the whole book for the first time. This way it will be faster.

Another experience is that the more I memorise, the easier and faster it gets. For example, in the beginning I memorised one page per day. As time went by, I became more experienced. Eventually, I was able to memorise one and a half or two pages in the same amount of time.

I have benefited so much from memorising the Fa, and I will certainly continue. Meanwhile, I continue to read or watch Teacher’s Fa lectures and study the Fa by combining different methods. Usually I read the Fa before going to bed and early in the morning. My reading materials include Zhuan Falun, Fa lectures in China and overseas, explanations of the Fa, and articles. During those times, the environment is quiet. Studying right before sleep avoids interference by subsequent thoughts and the outside environment. Studying early in the morning avoids earlier interference. Therefore I can memorise the Fa easily.

The above are my experiences in studying the Fa with a calm mind. Please point out anything that is inappropriate.

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