Mr. Li Zhanwu in Serious Condition from Abuse in Jilin Prison

Mr. Li Zhanwu of Tonghua city, Jilin Province, was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment in Jilin prison in 2002. Mr. Li has been persecuted so severely that he now has symptoms of cerebral thrombosis and cardiac disease. He is confined to bed and cannot care for himself.

Mr. Li Zhanwu

Mr. Li was 58 years old and employed at a man-made leather factory at Tonghua City. In mid-September 1999, local police officer Tian Yunan from Tuanjie Police Station went to Mr. Li's home and asked him if he practised Falun Gong. Mr. Li Zhanwu said that he did. The officer took him to Tuanjie Police Station and later detained him in Changliu Detention Centre for two weeks.

When Mr. Li went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in 2000, he was brought back by Tuanjie police officers and taken to Changliu Detention Centre. He was detained there for one month and later was sentenced to one year of forced labour at Xishan Forced Labour Camp in Tonghua City. In the labour camp, his back was injured when he fell into a ditch. He was released for medical treatment.

On April 21st, 2002, Mr. Li Zhanwu was arrested at home by the Tonghua National Security Team and Changchun police.

Mr. Li was sentenced to three years of forced labour by Changchun Police Department officials. He was brought back by Tonghua Police Station officers and taken to Changliu Detention Centre in Tonghua. He was sentenced again, this time to 13 years, and taken to Jilin Prison in December 2002. Li Zhanwu's family members were not allowed to visit him and only allowed to call him if the call was monitored.

At 7a.m. in late December 2005, he fell in a toilet, suffered a concussion, and could not move. He was foaming at the mouth and unconscious. At 9 a.m. the prison authorities called his family and sent him to the railway hospital for treatment. When his family went to visit him at the hospital, they found him emaciated and confined to bed.

Mr. Li Zhanwu did not give up cultivation and did not cooperate with the prison authorities. His health is very bad and he has high blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis, numbness, and cardiac disease. He is confined to bed and cannot take care of himself.

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