Mr. Xu Zhiming Disabled after Being Held at the Benxi City Detention Centre in Liaoning Province

Six or seven officers from the local police station and the City Police Department broke into Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Xu Zhiming's home in Niuxintai Township, Benxi City. Xu Zhiming and his family were sleeping. Without showing any documentation, the policemen ransacked the home and then took Xu to the Niuxintai Police Station. They then took him to the Benxi City Detention Centre on the afternoon of April 13th. Returning home 15 days later, Xu Zhiming's family found Xu to be delirious. When he walked, he would stumble and he was even unsteady while seated. Xu was tortured at the detention centre until he was unable to take care of his daily needs. He has become a different person.

His family took him to the Benxi City No. 2 Hospital for a physical examination. Because the hospital colluded with the police, they did not give them a definite diagnosis. Later, his family took the results of the physical examination to a hospital in another city. There he was diagnosed with drug poisoning, indicating that the guards at the detention centre used drugs to persecute Xu Zhiming.

Xu Zhiming and his wife went to the police station to explain the facts of his being persecuted. However, police from the local police station would not listen to his explanation. Instead, they derided him, saying he came there for an antidote.

The next day, Li Zhannan from the local police station went to his home and tried to force his wife to sign a paper that said, "Xu Zhiming is not well and has various illnesses." His wife refused to sign the paper, as the police were trying to absolve themselves of responsibility for Mr. Xu's condition. They threatened the family. His son-in-law had to sign the paper to lessen the persecution of Xu Zhiming. Li Zhannan then forced Xu Zhiming to sign the paper. He said, "If you do not sign the paper we will detain you." Xu Zhiming felt he had to sign the paper.

Mr. Xu Zhiming has been arrested five times since the persecution began on July 20th, 1999.

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