Li Xiunan Sent to Forced Labour Camp; His Disabled Wife Suffers Stress Induced Heart Attack

Mr. Li Xiunan, 54, began practising Falun Dafa in Yanji City, Jilin province in 1998. Before becoming a practitioner, he had serious health problems such as a chronic ulcer, and he was nearly blind. After reading Falun Gong books and doing the Falun Gong exercises, his ulcer and eye problems disappeared.

On December 9th, 2007, while Liu Xiunan was posting leaflets exposing the persecution, he was grabbed and taken to a detention centre by security guards. In the detention centre they tried to make him disclose the source of the materials using brutal force. Because of his steadfast refusal, Li Xiunan was detained in the Yanji City detention centre for 15 days. By law, detainees are allowed to call their families, but Mr. Li, being a Falun Gong practitioner, was not permitted to do so.

Li Xiunan's wife was disabled, and could only handle simple household chores in her wheelchair; their 21-year-old son is still in school; his 80-year-old mother needs his care. Since Li Xiunan's income was barely enough to begin with, his unlawful arrest has put a great burden on the shoulders of his handicapped wife, making it almost impossible for this poor family to survive. His wife went to see him at the detention centre, but the guard there did not allow her to see him, and she was kicked out.

Li Xiunan's wife had no alternative but to seek the help of Yanji State Security Brigade Deputy Captain Xiao Bin, who is in charge of Falun Gong affairs. She explained to Xiao Bin about how her family was in dire need of her husband. However, it turned out that Li Xiunan wasn't released; on the contrary, he was given one year of detention in a forced labour camp.

The police informed Li Xiunan's family only after he was transferred to Jiutai Forced Labour Camp. His wife had a heart attack due to the overwhelming stress, and now there's no one to take care of his elderly mother.

As soon as Li Xiunan was admitted to Jiutai's Yinmahe Forced Labour Camp, guards there wanted to torture him right away, but they were stopped by Yanji city's police. Currently, Li Xiunan is forced to do slave labour 12-hours a day, and his daily meals consist of rice soup and some buns.

Jin Yinhua, Manager of the 610 Office in Yanji city 86-433-2518661(Office), 86-433-2279166(Mobile)

Yanji City Public Security Bureau--State Security Brigade

Brigade Captain Xu Xiaofeng 86-433-2565275(Office), 86-433-2623155(Home), 86-13039085155(Mobile)86-13904438836(Mobile)
Brigade Deputy Captain Xiao Bin 86-433-2565275(Office), 86-433-2529030(Home), 86-433-2999030(Mobile)

Yanji City Detention Centre

Wang Fusheng, the Disciplinary Guard 86-433-2611964(Office) 86-433-2654036(Home)
Xia Xuecheng, Deputy Captain 86-13003345166(Mobile)

Yanji City Public Security Bureau

Deputy Chief: Li Dongzhu (In charge of persecuting Falun Gong): 86-433-251-4600(Office), 86-433-252-5232(Home), 86-138-0448-7858(Mobile) 86-433-277-0005(Mobile)

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