A Practitioner's Every Thought Is Important

A fellow Falun Gong practitioner wrote the following in an article: "We are practitioners; people's reactions [to our efforts to give people the true picture of Falun Gong and the persecution] originate from us. When we have a competitive mentality, people will argue with us; when we have hatred in our hearts, people will have hatred towards Falun Dafa; when we have fear, people will be afraid of learning the truth." Reading this article made me arrive at a deeper understanding of Master's teachings,

"This field corresponds to the universe. Whatever exists in the universe out there is correspondingly reflected here. Everything can be reflected. It is a kind of image, but it is not real. For instance, there exist on this earth America and Washington, D.C. Within a person's field, America and Washington, D.C. are reflected, but they are reflected images. Reflected images are nonetheless a form of matter's existence, and they are the result of a corresponding reflection that changes according to changes over there." (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun, 2000 version)

I realised that substances in our own space correspond to our mentality, and people in our energy field will react accordingly.

For example, if our faith in Master and Falun Dafa is not steadfast enough, people are unlikely to believe us when we clarify the facts to them. If we truly want to help people, when we clarify the facts with a compassionate and calm mind, when our own space emits positive energy, people will naturally feel comfortable and be willing to listen to us, and it will be easier for them to accept what we have to tell them.

Once, when a fellow practitioner was about to clarify the facts to someone, this person took out his police ID and stared at the practitioner, as if he was saying, "I'm a policeman; how dare you say this to me!" The fellow practitioner was not shocked or frightened at all and said kindly, "Police officers also should know that Falun Dafa is good!" This fellow practitioner had righteous thoughts and acted righteously. He didn't have any fear or any thought that the police officer would do something bad to him. As a result, the police officer did not arrest or punish the practitioner.

This demonstrates that the field around Falun Dafa practitioners is directly attributable to our thoughts.

I hope that fellow practitioners can look at everything happening around them with righteous thoughts.

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