Austria: The Chinese Spectacular Makes a Stir in Vienna, Attracting Well-known Artists in Austria

The Chinese Spectacular by the Divine Performing Arts is sweeping Europe with its ever increasing popularity. The two shows in Vienna, the music capital of the world, attracted a large, appreciative audience representing all walks of live. Among the spectators were quite a number of artists, many of whom came to the last show in Vienna on March 7th, 2008.

Viennese artist Suzanne Brandstetter told reporters that a friend of hers had seen the show the day before and rang her to tell her, "It's fantastic. You've got to go see it. Then you will know how wonderful it is!" Her friend told her that she must not miss the chance to see the Chinese Spectacular.

The audience responded to each piece with a sincere sense of enjoyment. They clapped and cheered, setting off an exceptionally grand occasion. The audience applauded warmly as the narrators announced each performance and then clapped even louder at the end of it. Such enthusiasm is not very common in Vienna, because most audience members have seen so many world-class performances and they have a refined artistic taste and a strong sense of appreciation for the arts. Their great admiration for the Chinese Spectacular was apparent from their reactions.

At the end of the show, when all the performers went on stage to answer the curtain call, thunderous applause went on for a long time, and the audience was reluctant to leave even after the final curtain had fallen. They kept applauding until the curtain was raised again. The audience then stood up and gave the performers another round of enthuiastic applause. Many people kept looking back as they walked out of the theatre.

Kenyan artist: The main theme of the show is that human fate is decided by heaven

On March 7th, Louise, an artist, came to the show with the Kenyan ambassador. She said, "I loved all the performances. If I had to choose one, then I would choose the Erhu solo. The 'Mongolian Bowl Dance' was also very beautiful. It's amazing how the dancers balance themselves."

Kenyan artist Louise said the Chinese Spectacular was extraordinarily beautiful

Louise has lived in Vienna for seven years and often goes to the theatre because there are many performances in Vienna all year round. She said, "Compared with Western shows, the Spectacular is even more beautiful and exquisite, with its costumes and the orchestra."

Louise thought the performances were in line with Chinese philosophy and history, and admired the very clear theme that ran through the entire show: that heaven decides the fate of humans.

Austrian color expert: "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" touched my heart. I could not hold back my tears.

Christina Maria Kama is an expert in color, and she also works in the movie industry and runs her own advertising company. She said the show moved her to tears, "The show was excellent. I liked it very much. I was in tears."

"The show was a great, joyous surprise, and evoked a variety of feelings. It was really good." Kama said, "I liked the second to last performance most, the one with the words 'Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.' It sent me a very powerful message. I must admit that it was so powerful that I was moved to tears. This message touched my heart very deeply."

As an expert in color, Kama commented, "The colors were very rich, very beautiful, and they were arranged with great harmony, absolutely positive. Right now, Austria is going through a stage that is lacking in variety, but the colors in this show were very exquisite and beautiful."

Film director: The Erhu solo touched my soul

After the show, the reporter ran into Kristine Sommer, a film director who works with arts organizations that do movie productions. Sommer said, "The show touched my soul."

"The performances were very moving, especially the dances. They are very high standard. One can tell that the performers have very high artistic skills." She also commented on the expressivenss and effectiveness of both the costumes and the projections, which she liked very much.

Sommer said she was most touched by the Erhu solo, "I cannot remember the name of the musical instrument, the one with two strings, but I was deeply touched by the performance."

"The reason is very simple: I felt I was led by the music, that it touched my soul. The feeling was beyond words."

Well-known ethnic dancer from Tehran: Very beautiful, indeed. I loved the dances

Arthur Nalbandian, a well-known ethnic dancer from Tehran, Iran, loved the Chinese Spectacular. "I liked it very much, very beautiful indeed. I'll come back again."

Mr. Nalbandian and his family members and friends--20 in all--came to the show together. Some of them could only speak Arabic, but they tried to express their admiration in English. Nalbandian said, "I think it's very beautiful. I'll come back again."

He said, "I liked it very much. I liked the dances, the lighting was also very beautiful, and the backdrops and three dimensional animations were very nice. I also liked the music and have learned something about Chinese dance."

He told the reporter, "I'm an Armenian ethnic dancer." (Someone next to him said, "He is very famous in Tehran.")

The Divine Performing Arts completed their performances in Vienna to great acclaim. Their next stop is the Slovak Republic.

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