Chinese Communist Party Produces Propaganda DVD as Part of its "Preparations" for the Olympics

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda machine recently published a defamatory DVD called "Political Schemes under the Interlocking Rings".

The film first recalls "Key Political Incidents in Olympic History," including the 19th Olympics of 1968 in Mexico, the 22nd Olympics of 1980 in Moscow, the 23rd Olympics of 1984 in Los Angles, and the 24th Olympics of 1988 in Seoul. It stated that the Olympics are closely related with politics. Secondly, it analyses "enemy forces," defaming Falun Dafa and listing it as one of the "enemies." The video presents outrageous lies, stating that Falun Dafa practitioners will set themselves on fire to destroy the Olympics.

This film is categorised as "secret" and is produced by the CCP 29th Olympics Security Information Centre, the propaganda department of the State Security Ministry, and the Tianjin City State Security Bureau. Currently, the Party is organising people from each region to see the film, to poison their minds and fabricate excuses to continue to tread on human rights. The evil party is fanning nationalism, trying to make more excuses to persecute Falun Gong.

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