Use Our Divine Abilities, Dafa Practitioners

Teacher entrusted Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners with all the abilities we should have, including supernatural powers and skills. We can use these abilities at will to save sentient beings as long as we believe in Teacher and the Fa, and are determined with righteous thoughts. We can use righteous thoughts to eliminate evil and save sentient beings. In other words, Dafa practitioners already have the capabilities to end this persecution immediately. But Teacher told us that now the time is left for Dafa practitioners to save sentient beings, and to save precious Chinese people. So, this fleeting moment can only be given to Dafa practitioners to save people; it is not for the evil beings to carry out their agenda.

Teacher has often told us how to stop the evil with righteous thoughts, and how to use righteous thoughts to save sentient beings. How can we be persecuted by low level evil beings at will? How can we be blocked from keeping our promise and achieving our prehistoric vows?

As we read stories from the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, or hear the experiences of others in their Fa-rectification cultivation, we learn that fellow practitioners have used righteous thoughts to set evil beings to fight amongst themselves, to cause drugs injected into practitioners' bodies to flow instead into the persecutors' bodies, to cause evil authorities to be unable to see practitioners when they distribute truth clarification materials and get into danger, etc. There are numerous examples. Aren't these the embodiment of Dafa practitioners divine sides? Why would Teacher give these abilities to some practitioners and not others? I believe that this is not the case. It depends on whether we believe in Teacher 100 percent, and whether we have attachments to fear and worries.

In fact, this attachment to fear not only shows an attachment to selfishness, but also shows whether we fundamentally believe that Teacher can protect us. We are the greatest lives in the universe. When we face people with karma all over their bodies, waiting to be saved, we can disintegrate the evil with righteous thoughts even though are other evil beings controlling them from behind. Furthermore, Teacher is on our side to watch, and protect us. Teacher knows what we think, whether we eliminate evil with righteous thoughts, or fear it. We have the capabilities, and we have Teacher's protection, so what are we afraid of?

Fellow practitioners, in this crucial historical moment, let us put aside all attachments, and use our strong righteous thoughts cultivated in Dafa to disintegrate evil, to disintegrate all the arrangements by the old forces, and to sacredly and purely do what we should do - save sentient beings. Let us successfully complete our historical mission!

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