Do Not Be Attached to Hints

Practitioners receive hints from time to time; however, these hints are not the Fa. They are reminders for us to keep the Fa in mind and measure our actions against the Fa. We can only take the Fa as Teacher, not hints. If we received hints for everything, whether big or small, it would not be cultivation. It is just like taking an exam: if our teacher gives us hints all the time, then the exam does not count. Cultivators should walk their own paths.

We practitioners cultivate in a maze. It is impossible for all things perceived to be "hints" to actually be hints. Hints may come from dreams, or from what the people around us say. Dreams or what people say can become opportunities for demons to interfere, and they may lead practitioners into tribulations.

If a practitioner does not or is unwilling to let go of his faults, finds excuses from the Fa or from "hints," and thus thinks what he does "complies with the Fa," making him feel comfortable and letting him keeping his ordinary human attachments while "cultivating," he may inadvertently place himself in a long-term tribulation.

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