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  • Head of the Politics and Law Committee Exclaims to Practitioners: "We Can Find a Place and Have You Destroyed!"

    A local head of the Politics and Law Committee often called out: "Even though you Falun Gong have over 100 million people, you are still a minority. You will have to give up the practice of Falun Gong even if you are unwilling to. For those stubborn ones, our Party has all kinds of methods to make you succumb. We can find a place and have you destroyed. Our government has made up their mind to eradicate Falun Gong."
  • Dafa Practitioners Severely Injured by Brutality of Guards at Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp

    The criminals then would slide the practitioners back and forth on the cables, which quickly cut into the flesh. Soon there was blood all over the place. Some practitioners were tortured like this for more than half an hour. Many Dafa practitioners had permanent scars. Some were even permanently handicapped.
  • Once Energetic and Healthy: Now Lady Cruelly Tortured to Mental Collapse

    In July of 2001 Shen Shuwen had a mental breakdown due to the pressure of being tortured by the police. She still has not recovered after being treated by a doctor at a mental hospital (it is not clear what kind of drugs she was given). Although Ms. Shen Shuwen was a normal person prior to being persecuted at the forced labour camp, she became mentally unstable while there.
  • Personal Account: Practitioner Forced to undergo Inhuman Torture before her Death

    On March 24, 2001, because I practised Falun Gong, two male police officers grabbed my hands and pressed me against the wall. Another police guard used an electric baton to shock the centres of my hands and feet, and my private area for more than an hour. I shudder to recall this horrific torture! I was beaten black and blue, and my body was covered with blisters.
  • Dafa Practitioner Dumped by Side of Road and Left for Dead

    In order to avoid responsibility, at the end of December 2002, the labour camp had some people carry him away and heartlessly dump him on the side of a road in another city. Later, his family heard of this, were shocked at the behaviour of the police and sent him to a hospital for emergency treatment for about a month, at the cost of several thousand Yuan. However, Mr. Yao still passed away in mid January of 2003 in spite of the rescue efforts.
  • Practitioner Dies in Police Custody; black and blue marks found on her body

    The police didn't notify her family of her death until March 5, 2003, when her body was sent to Chifeng City's No. 3 Hospital. When dressing her body, her family found many horrific black and blue marks on her back. Several police officers stood by and watched during the dressing process. They didn't allow Zheng Lanfeng's colleagues and other practitioners to see the body.
  • Compassionate People Cannot Find an Inch of Peaceful Soil in the Land of China

    After my parents were released, the township government, police substation and Party committee of my village harassed us and ransacked our home. Only a few months later my mother was forcibly taken to a brainwashing class and my father had to leave home. I had to live by myself again. I had nightmares almost every night. I felt so afraid whenever I saw a police car.
  • Extreme Torture leads to Mental Breakdown and Death

    After she was released, the officials at the "610 Office" at Laiwu Steel and Iron Factory did not let up and sent her to a brainwashing centre, where she suffered a mental breakdown from the extreme torture. The Jiang regime drove yet another person beyond what any average person could mentally and physically bear.
  • Two Short Stories: A Kind-Hearted Party Secretary; An Elderly Father's Righteousness

    In one instance, when a practitioner who had been forced to leave home to avoid arrest returned to the village during the New Year, police officers went to the secretary to ask for the practitioner's information so they could arrest him. The secretary said that he didn't know it. But as soon as the police left, he telephoned the practitioner to tell him that the police were on their way. The practitioner immediately left, so the police were unable to arrest him.
  • Excerpts Relating to Falun Gong from the US Department of State’s Human Rights Report

    "Since the Government banned the FLG in 1999, mere belief in the discipline, without any outward manifestation of its tenets, has been sufficient grounds for practitioners to receive punishments ranging from loss of employment to imprisonment, and in many cases, to suffer torture and death...Various sources reported that thousands of FLG adherents have been arrested, detained, and imprisoned, and that several hundred or more FLG adherents have died in detention since 1999."
  • Emaciated Two-Year-Old Child Incarcerated for 9 Months in Jail

    His mother and grandparents were kidnapped to a detention centre in the city, and the 2 year-old child also had to go. Currently, it has been 9 months and they are still illegally detained. Every day he bangs the jail door with his small hands and shouts, "Let me out!" The child has been forced to eat the poor quality prisoner's food in the jail and has become very emaciated. Upon seeing this scene, people feel so sad that they cry.
  • Torture Has Left Practitioner in Disabled and Despondant State

    He has completely lost the ability to take care of himself and has to rely upon others for his care, being in a despondent state. His long-term abuse troubled his mind so deeply that he does not respond to any of his relatives; he swallows if fed, but will not ask for anything. His parents take care of all his urination and defecation. He will lie down or sit when asked to do so (He can sit with legs crossed and body bent over).
  • Dafa Practitioner On Verge of Death in Yinmahe Forced Labour Camp

    The police deceived and extorted several thousands of Yuan from Li Qiang's brother, stating that more money can "lessen the punishment on Li Qiang." But in fact, the dishonourable authorities still ended up sentencing Li Qiang again, this time to three years of forced labour. On the way to Jiutai, Li Qiang protested the police's illegal treatment and refused to get in the police car or sign his name. The police forcefully grabbed his hand and forced him "sign."
  • Doctor Seeks Pleasure in Torturing Innocent Falun Dafa Practitioners

    The infusions were done so rapidly that the practitioners' stomachs suddenly swelled very large, making them suffer terrible pain. Qian, however, viciously claimed, "I meant to make you suffer. I'll make you suffer between being dead and alive. I'll infuse the urine of venereal disease patients into your stomachs and the blood of hepatitis patients into your veins."
  • Short Stories of Righteous Thoughts and Actions

    A practitioner gave his colleague a truth-clarifying VCD. His colleague brought it to a friend's home to watch with him. His friend was a policeman. After they finished watching this VCD, both of them shouted with a surprise, "So the TV report on the Tiananmen Square Immolation was fake. Somebody obviously killed Liu Chunling. Falun Gong has been put in an unjust situation, even worse than the June 4th event." The policeman said that such a precious VCD should be kept.