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  • First Hand Experience of the Brutal Persecution

    He shocked me twice with an electric baton. He hit my shoulder(s) with his fists, yanked my hair and forced me to kneel. I was also forced to squat for about two hours. Yang said, "If I throw you out of the third storey, are you still going to practice? I'll fine you 5,000 Yuan [about US$625]. If you don't have the money, I'll tear down your house." I was aching all over from the beatings and couldn't sleep for over ten days. I also suffered great psychological stress.
  • Exposed: The policemen who use Despicable and Inhuman Means to Torture Falun Gong practitioners

    Two officers from the Wushun City Labour Camp who visited the Dalian Labour Camp said to them, "You are so behind here; Falun Gong practitioners don't need education or persuasion, they only need to be beaten. This method is being adopted nationwide."
  • Guangzhou TV Fabricates Story to Slander Falun Dafa

    The programme quoted an administrator of the hospital making irresponsible and untruthful remarks, wrongfully attributing Zou's death to Falun Gong. In fact, Zou Ling was not even a practitioner. Zou's husband Chen Guiquan is a doctor in the same hospital where his wife worked. He is not a practitioner and states that his wife also had never practised Falun Gong.
  • Late Report: Falun Dafa Practitioner Liu Xuguo Dies from Torture in Jining Labor Camp

    They began to force-feed Liu. Liu Xuguo was not moved by the brutality of the act. He said, "It is not that I am against you personally, nor do I want to be against the labour camp or the Government. I am using my actions to validate the innocence of Falun Dafa and to prove that I am innocent!"
  • Practitioners in the Xiguoyuan Detention Centre Start a Hunger Strike to Mourn Fellow Practitioners

    The Xiguoyuan Detention Centre tortured practitioner Liu Lanxiang to death in April 2001 and Zhang Fengyun in August. After Zhang Fengyun's death, the officials tried to block the news from leaking out by cancelling all outdoor activities for the inmates. They even sent meals to individual cells instead of letting the inmates eat together. Still, the terrible news spread from Group 14, where the death took place, to Team 15.
  • "610 Office" and Its Head, Luo Gan, Issues Secret Order for "Life Sentences Until Death" to Block the Release of Falun Gong Practitioners

    According to sources from the Chinese judicial system, in early September, the "610 Office" headed by Luo Gan secretly issued a command to adopt "life sentences" for those Falun Gong practitioners who refused to be brainwashed. The command to detain Falun Gong practitioners until death was issued to each of the judicial systems from the "610 Office.
  • Boiling Salt Water, Drugs, and Electric Batons

    The police guards even force-feed practitioners on hunger strike with boiling salt water. In other cases, some practitioners received injections of harmful drugs and became handicapped. But, according to Chinese authorities, they are said to have hurt themselves.
  • Six More Falun Gong Practitioners Killed - Actual Death Count Exceeds 1,000

    Particulars on the deaths of the six individuals below were verified early this month. The Chinese government takes great pains to suppress news of the deaths, but information does trickle out. Individuals gather information, such as that below, and get it out of the country at great personal risk. Because of the official information blockade, those specific cases that have been reported thus far are only the tip of the iceberg--the total loss of life is undoubtedly much greater.
  • Shandong Province Police Beat Wang Xinglei to Death

    "Police notified Wang's family of his death, and asked them to identify his body. Although the authorities claimed that his death was from fasting, the family members discovered severe contusions on his head. Furthermore, the police did not allow anyone in Wang's family to touch his body, but quickly had it cremated."
  • Tortured to death:Zhang Zhenzhong

    "During his detention, Zhang started a hunger strike and never co-operated with his captors. The brutal police force-fed him many times, which caused severe hemorrhaging of the esophagus. Zhang was tortured to death within ten days."
  • Tortured to death: Wang Jinlong

    "In August 2001, Falun Gong practitioner Wang Jinlong was arrested while clarifying the truth of the percecution of Falun Gong to people with two other practitioners in Jindouying Town of Yanggu County. He started a hunger strike in the Yanggu County Police Department. The police forced-fed him many times. About half a month later, Wang was tortured to death."
  • Ten-year-old Boy Arrested, Hung by His Hands and Beaten

    "Last October, Zhouzhou and over ten other practitioners were arrested. Police interrogated him to determine his parents' whereabouts. After getting no information from him, the police hung him up by his hands and beat him, while yelling that they would kill him by splitting him in two. His trousers were torn, but he did not yield."
  • Arrested for being a Good Person? What a Prisoner Saw and Heard in a Labour Camp

  • A Kind Hearted Driver: If I Am Asked to Transport Falun Gong Practitioners to the Camps Again, I Will Simply Let Them Go

    "One day, while on duty, the driver saw a young man being dragged and kicked by a few police who were trying to hustle him into the police van. The driver could not hold himself back any longer. "Stop!" he said, "Didn't you see that this man didn't even resist when you abused him? What wrong did he do, practising Falun Gong? Haven't you finished yet? I think you people are more evil than anyone else. He is the good one, I can see." The police were speechless."
  • Falun Dafa Practitioner Wang Hong Tortured to Death

    "She was illegally sent to labour re-education centres. She was transferred to five different detention centres because she never gave up her faith. She received inhuman treatment in the prison, which resulted in her having severe kidney failure. She lost her young life from a grave injustice."