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  • Why Do I Always Focus on Others' Faults?

    During the Fa-rectification everything is being created anew. While we are still in the cultivation process we should compare our thinking with the Fa's requirements and deeply investigate our thoughts. We should ask ourselves if our thinking really is the kind of pure, upright thinking that is in line with the Fa.
  • Finally Learning to Search Inward

    To think that I have only just learned to search inward after many years of cultivation makes me feel ashamed because Teacher had cared for me all these years. It is now the final stage of the Fa-rectification period. Today's Falun Gong practitioners are the guardians of the future cosmos. We ought to grasp the time to do the three things well and search inward more frequently so as to return home with Teacher.
  • Overcoming a Negative Mindset and Rescuing Fellow Practitioners with Confidence

    Without fear, I went to the residential office and local 610 Office to expose the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and other Chinese people. I told them that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) poisoned people by using deceit and propaganda. I also talked about the CCP's trampling of spiritual belief, human rights and humanity.
  • We Must Truly Search Inward to Improve Ourselves

    Furthermore, I was also attached to my appearance. When others said that I looked younger than my age, although I didn't acknowledge it openly, I always felt good inside. What a strong attachment to vanity! A true enlightened being should not be moved. Doesn't my youthful appearance come from cultivating Dafa?
  • Fellow Practitioners, Do Not Get Lost in This Human World

    I would like to use this article to tell all young practitioners, "Catch up, have righteous thoughts like a god and walk upright during the last part of the way home. We have grown up already. We should be able to cultivate independently and should not depend on the outside environment."
  • Young Practitioners Should Avoid Video Games

    Furthermore, these evil, ugly images, full of lust, seduction, and demonic themes in video games and cartoons, are even more polluting than what occurs in ordinary society. Don't underestimate them just because they are seen in video games and cartoons. You can find everything in them, including competitiveness, jealousy, elation, lust, and many other attachments.
  • Improving My Heart and Mind While Saving Sentient Beings

    Over the years, I've followed Master's teachings in my life. I've treated all events, good or bad, as opportunities to validate the Fa. Whomever I meet, I know that he was someone that Master wanted me to save. Many people have learned the truth and withdrawn from the CCP.
  • Saving Sentient Beings in Remote Areas

    We are saving sentient beings, but we should attach more importance to the process instead of solely the result. It is most important to cultivate ourselves well. From Teacher's Fa, we know that saving sentient beings is our mission and our grand prehistoric vow.
  • Abandoning Attachments and Using Our Divine Power to Rescue Follow Practitioners

    We should never acknowledge the old forces' persecution. We should send our mighty righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil that persecutes practitioners and help them. We should only acknowledge Master's choice of having practitioners shine like gold. Why shouldn't we practitioners send positive messages for our fellow practitioners?
  • "Youthfulness" Is for Validating the Fa

    Having a youthful look provides a good way to validate the Fa while clarifying the facts to people. People can see it with their own eyes, so they have to believe it. How we can better utilize this example depends on the practitioner's righteous thoughts and whether we remember, at every minute, that we are cultivators.
  • Abandoning the Attachment of Self-Interest

    Under difficult living conditions, many of my attachments will appear, such as the attachments to fame, interest, lust, and sentimentality. They repeatedly occur like an illness and must be removed fundamentally, so I can be thoroughly purified.
  • How Many Good People Have Not Learned the Truth about Falun Gong?

    I would like to remind fellow practitioners and myself not to be attached to time or any external changes. Everything has been arranged in order. Every step we make is because of Teacher's infinite compassion. How many predestined people on earth have not obtained the Fa? How many people with great virtue have not learned the truth about Falun Gong or have not been saved? Teacher thinks of every sentient being!
  • Once the Basis of Our Efforts Becomes Saving Sentient Beings, the Persecution Will End

    In many cases, while we are resisting the persecution, rescuing fellow practitioners, and doing things to validate the Fa, the reason that we are still persecuted or the effect was not good is due to our attachments of fear, pursuit, and so on. We are concerned for ourselves more than saving the sentient beings and being selfless and altruistic. The persecution means nothing but letting go of attachments and saving the sentient beings.
  • We Cannot Be Passive in Cultivation

    Why do we only look inward when we feel uncomfortable? Some fellow practitioners don't look inward as the key to upgrading themselves in everyday life, but wait until bad things happen and then look inward. Although they upgrade somewhat, losses still result.
  • Eliminating the Attachment of Elation

    Based on my experience, I thought it would be hard to clarify the truth to him and I would normally have just passed him by. But this day, I thought that if I didn't try to explain the facts about Falun Gong to him, he may not have another opportunity. So I went to his cart to look at the plumbs and started talking with him.