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  • I have found meaning in life

    I was born in March 1999 and I am now 18. I was trying to memorize “Lunyu” and so had gone for a walk at some point. I looked up at the sky as the sun was starting to go down and I saw a cloud in the form of a thumbs-up. I took it as a personal encouragement. That made me laugh.
  • It Is not work but cultivation

    One day, Master called me to one side and talked to me in a very serious way: They are all your same school fellow disciples. Some of them cultivate better than you. You must treat them very nicely. Otherwise you will regret it in furture. I felt extremely shameful after hearing Master’s words.
  • My Cultivation Experience-Sharing

    We live in ordinary human society and we need to conform to the human way of living, but – in my understanding – this doesn’t mean that we can go down and let our behavioural standards be affected. I’m sure that with the passing of time, changing this way of thinking would bring my main spirit to higher and higher understandings and consequently to the salvation of more people.
  • Cultivation Experience working for New Tang Dynasty Television

    I obtained the Fa towards the end of 2001 in Germany. At the beginning, I always looked inward even over trivial things. I did it so happily too as I felt I was the luckiest life in the entire world. As long as I had Dafa, I didn’t need anything else.
  • No Trivial Matters in Cultivation

    Facing the difficult situation and the conflicts between practitioners, I went through the heart-wrenching and agonizing process of looking within. Finally I found my strong ego, which had been hiding for a long time. I always thought that my ideas were smart, did not carefully listen to others’ opinions that were not in line with my ones.
  • Rejecting Negative Thoughts

    Sometimes it's hard to keep my mind stable and not disturbed by negative factors. This is not a correct state, because it gives me a passive manner doing things wholeheartedly. Cultivating without any pursuit gives the best results.
  • Genuinely Cultivating

    I was fortunate enough to share a home with other Dafa disciples, who helped me and encouraged me when I felt very tired, and so I gradually managed to reach that goal. After a while, we always did FZN in the mornings, then did the five sets of exercises, and we also read one lecture.
  • My cultivation path as a new practitioner

    I started to practise Falun Dafa in February 2016. Each tribulation is tough, but we must learn to look inside, because the more we look the more we see attachments in various layers. If we think we have no such situations, then we should ask ourselves whether we are actually cultivating or not.
  • Reflecting on My Cultivation

    Last year, I experienced the biggest test since I started cultivation. The test felt so hard to pass and I was pushed to the edge of my xinxing. My attachments were all stirred up. Having stumbled through, I could really see my attachments and limitations. There is still so much for me to learn and enlighten to.
  • Shen Yun taught me how to cultivate myself

    When I do Shen Yun promotion I feel totally immersed in Dafa, my thoughts, my actions everything must be on alert to save people, I must not slack off because I know that if I relax everything will be lost. When I understand the urgency of saving people then everything accelerates and everything easily falls into place.
  • 10 years in the Tian Guo Marching Band

    I started playing in the Tian Guo marching band in Paris in December 2006. I realized that each parade was a way for me to improve my skills. With that first street parade I realized that I had an attachment to perfection and that I wanted everything to be top-notch.
  • Achieving Selflessness Through Solid Cultivation

    By observing practitioners around me and reading experience-sharing articles, I noticed many cases related to illness karma, with some even leading to death. It seems that many of the practitioners involved were confused. As I see it, this happens because one ignores solid cultivation.
  • From Martial Arts to Meditation to Cultivation: A Young Italian Man's Spiritual Journey

    Davide, a 22-year-old sociology major from Milan, Italy said his search for a spiritual path began at a young age. His interest in martial arts and meditation finally led him to take up Falun Dafa two years ago.
  • How I learned the Limitations of Science and the Profoundness of Qigong

    Many of my chronic diseases, such as pelvic inflammation, haemorrhoids, arthritis, and dry eyes disappeared. I witnessed the magnificence of Dafa and I am deeply grateful.
  • Falun Dafa Improves Character

    Even though I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, I have many shortcomings, and I feel ashamed of my attachments when I compare myself with many other practitioners. I am writing this article in hopes that people will see the power of Falun Dafa in improving a person’s character.