Germany: A Large Parade and Information Day Held in Berlin

On the 22nd of November, Falun Dafa practitioners from throughout Europe held a parade through the city of Berlin. The parade began from the City Hall and concluded at Brandenburg Gate.

Parade through Berlin city

The parade included banners, which read "Bringing Jiang Zemin to Court" and "Urgently Rescue Xiong Wei". Pictures of practitioners being persecuted and cruelly punished were also displayed. The purpose of the parade was to arouse people's concern for the brutal persecution in China, and at the same time appeal for their support. After the parade, practitioners went to various places in Berlin to clarify facts.

After the Falun Dafa parade was finished, a large group of people held a different parade. When the other parade passed by, many college students were interested in Falun Gong. They asked many questions and took pictures. Some signed the petition to support the rescue of the former Berlin University student, Xiong Wei. All European practitioners worked hard to clarify the truth of the persecution together. Even though the practitioners spoke different languages, they still cooperated well together.

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