Radio France Internationale:The Global Coalition to Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice

The following report was broadcast in Mandarin by Radio France Internationale to the Asia-Pacific region and Metropolitan Paris on Monday the 20th of September 2004:

Immediately after hearing the news of Jiang Zemin’s retirement from the post of Chairman of China’s Central Military Committee, The Global Coalition to Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice promptly released a statement. The statement declared thet he age of Jiang Zemin’s reign has ended, and that the age of suing Jiang Zemin has begun.

The announcement says, "Bringing Jiang Zemin to justice has begun around the world. The petition to dismiss Jiang Zemin as military committee chairman has received signatures from tens of thousands of organisations and persons breaking through security barriers". The announcement also says that Jiang Zemin’s culpability will not end because of Jiang Zemin’s resignation.

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