The Crimes of the Police Officers at Beijing Women's Prison

The officials at the Beijing Women's Prison have followed orders from the Chinese Communist Party and persecuted more than 200 Falun Gong practitioners held at the prison since 2000. The "work" assigned to prison authorities and guards includes creating physical and mental suffering at all costs. They do everything possible to force the practitioners to lie, give up their belief in Falun Dafa [also known as Falun Gong], and even to engage in immoral conduct, in order to completely destroy the practitioners.

Under the guise of "civilised administration of the law" or "regulated administration of the law," they commit all manner of atrocities. The officials and guards at the prison know Falun Gong very well and they also know that the persecution of Falun Gong is a violation of international law, the constitution of China, and China's criminal law. They know that the detained Falun Gong practitioners are good people, yet they still persecute the practitioners to protect their positions and salaries.

Below are descriptions of some of the officials and guards who persecute Falun Gong practitioners at the Beijing Women's Prison.

Zhang Shushun, in his sixties, is the former head of the prison. Tian Fengqing, head of Division 3, brutally tortured practitioners between 2000 and 2003 in order to achieve a high ""reform1" rate." Zhang Shushun often had secret talks with Tian Fengqing. Zhang Shushun personally delivered popsicles to practitioners and other detainees late at night in the heat of summer, but at the same time encouraged guards and inmates to abuse practitioners. Practitioner Ms. Dong Cuifang was beaten to death in 2003. Her death was exposed and Zhang Shushun was forced to retire early.

Qi Xiushan, in his fifties, is the deputy prison head and Party secretary. He has always taken part in the torture of practitioners, although he is supposedly in charge of prison safety. He likes Tian Fengqing and praises her, saying she is "resourceful" and "bold." He tries very hard to cover up the truth about the persecution.

Zhou Ying is in her forties. Since 2000 she has been the prison deputy head in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, and is also responsible for the overall safety of the prison. In order to keep her job, she constantly pressures the guards to persecute practitioners. Through coaxing and threats she has tried to squelch those practitioners who tried to sue the prison and expose the brutal persecution, including Ms. Yuan Lin, Ms. Xu Na, and Ms. Gong Ruiping. Practitioner Ms. Xu Na wrote a letter to Zhou Ying after practitioner Ms. Dong Cuifang was beaten to death in 2003, in which she exposed the persecution.

Zhou Ying continued to back the abuse of practitioners at Division 3. She ordered practitioner Xu Na to be sent to a solitary confinement cell and be tortured in November 2003. Practitioner Yuan Lin said during a prison-wide meeting in May 2004 that practitioners were beaten in Division 10. Zhou Ying and Qi Xiushan ordered Liu Yingchun to charge practitioner Ms. Yuan Lin with "disrupting order at a conference," and forced her undergo military training. They said, "We can't let her [Yuan Lin] intimidate us." Ms. Yuan went on a hunger strike. Zhou Ying eventually met with her and promised to stop strictly monitoring and abusing practitioners in violation of this new rule by the guards. In November 2004, however, she and prison head Li Ruihua again pressured the guards. As a result, Zhen Yumei, head of Division 10, and guards Niu Na, Xiao Rui, and Yan Chunling tortured practitioners Ms. Li Li, Ms. Yue Changzhi, Ms. Zhou Zi, and others. Head of Division 8, Huang Qinghua, along with guards Li Xiaona and Cao Yanmei, mentally tormented and physically abused practitioners Ms. Li Xuebin, Ms. Gong Ruiping, and others.

Liu Yingchun, head of Division 4, also tortured Ms. Sun Junying and other practitioners. Zhou Ying is responsible for the guards' unscrupulous abuse of Falun Gong practitioners. The World Organisation to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) published an announcement in November 2004 and listed Zhou Ying as a target for investigation. She is personally responsible--in her position as prison administrator--for the death of practitioner Ms. Dong Cuifang and the persecution at the prison.

Li Ruihua, head of prison, is in her forties. After she took over as head of the prison, she received many awards for persecuting Falun Gong. Li Ruihua boasts that the prison has a "new atmosphere," a "humane way of control," a "civilised administration of the law," and a "regulated administration of the law" in order to deceive the public. At the same time, the prison officials are pressuring the guards to escalate the persecution of practitioners in more devious and secretive ways. Li Ruihua is responsible for shielding the guards from blame for the persecution.

Weichi Weiqing is in his thirties and the former head of the prison. He was later transferred. In 2004 he pressured the guards to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. He repeatedly emphasised to the guards that they keep secret everything that happens at the prison in order to prevent the truth about the persecution from getting out.

Gao Yunqi, in her forties, is the current head of the Prison Politics Section. When she was a guard she encouraged the inmates to beat and torture practitioners. She said to one inmate, "You can forget about sentence reduction if you can't 'reform' her [a Falun Gong practitioner]." As a result, the inmates insulted and attacked practitioners between 2000 and 2002. After she was promoted to section head, she continued to oppress the practitioners in the name of "protecting the interests of the prison." During a 2003 meeting involving sentence reduction and parole, practitioner Ms. Liu Shuxia spoke up and questioned policies regarding sentence reduction for practitioners. Her questions were within the range of discussion of the meeting, but Gao Yunqi persecuted her.

Gao Yunqi spent one month deceiving practitioner Ms. Dong Cuifang's family with false evidence after Ms. Dong was tortured to death. She did everything possible to prevent Dong Cuifang's family from filing a lawsuit. The prison eventually paid the family some hush money to be rid of the affair.

Zhang Guofang, 30 years old, is head of the Education Section. She inspected the solitary confinement cells in 2003. Practitioner Ms. Yuan Lin, who was being held in one of the cells, told her about the guards' illegal acts. Zhang Guofang told her the regime permitted those acts! On the other hand, to deceive people, she vociferously boasted that the guards "administer the law in a regulated manner."

Jin Hua, in her forties, is the head of a Beijing Juvenile Correctional Facility. Before the facility merged with the women's prison in early 2000, she was responsible for five divisions at the facility and directed the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners held there. Jin Hua, along with Huang Qinghua and Zhen Yumei, heads of Division 8, tortured practitioners using sleep deprivation, corporal punishment, verbal attacks, slave labour, and other methods. She faked kindness to try to force the practitioners to condemn the Falun Dafa principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance. She deceived many practitioners.

Huang Qinghua, female, 40 years old, head of Division 8, has been responsible for brainwashing at Division 8 since 2000. She borrowed methods from the Communist Party, such as "use one group of people to attack another group" and "slap the target with the worst labels." She advocated the Party's theories and glorified her role in the persecution of Falun Gong. She pretended to care about practitioners' lives, families, and health and used "soft" methods in an attempt to destroy the practitioners' willpower. She combined hypocrisy with twisted theories about the Fa. She took advantage of practitioners' kindness and tried to persuade them to give up their belief and give up [filing] lawsuits against the prison. She won many awards, including one merit award in 2005 for brainwashing practitioner Ms. Gong Ruiping. She won a Third Class Merit Award in 2006. It is difficult to see through her mask. She has deceived many people. This woman studies brainwashing theories and undermines Dafa [by "reforming" practitioners]. Many practitioners whom she brainwashed gradually realised her hypocrisy and returned to Dafa practice. The WOIPFG has listed Huang Qinghua as a target of investigation.

Zheng Yumei, in her forties, is the current head of Division 10. She was previously the deputy head of Division 8 and was appointed head of Division 10 in 2004. When she took over Division 10, many practitioners had refused to "reform." She ordered inmates, including Li Xiaomei and Jin Hongwei who tortured practitioner Ms. Dong Cuifang to death, and Huang Xiaohong, to abuse practitioners Ms. Li Li, Ms. Yu Changzhi, Ms. Zhou Zi, and others in more sinister and deceptive ways. She received an award in 2005 for torturing practitioner Li Li and "restoring order" in Division 10. She received a Third Class Merit award in 2006 for "reforming" Falun Gong practitioners.

Tian Fengqing, in her forties, is the former head of Division 3. She openly tortured many practitioners.

Ms. Dong Cuifang was tortured to death, Ms. Yuan Lin and Ms. Gong Ruiping were disabled from torture, and Ms. Gong Ruiping also suffered a mental collapse. Tian Fengqing is personally responsible for the death of practitioner Dong Cuifang. She stepped down in 2004 and currently works at the cafeteria for prison officials. Because of the prison officials' cover-up efforts and their efforts to shield her from justice, she has not been prosecuted for her crimes. WOIPFG listed Tian Fengqing as a target of investigation in November 2004.

Liu Yingchu, in her thirties, is the current head of Division 4. Practitioner Ms. Yuan Lin shouted, "[Officials at] Division 10 beat people!" during a prison-wide meeting in 2004. Liu Yingchun, head of the Education Division at the time, accused Ms. Yuan of "disrupting the order of the meeting" and made her do military drills. Later, Liu Yingchun became the head of Division 4 and was in charge of persecution and brainwashing. She summarised "reform" "tips" and faked kindness in line with the Party's propaganda: Always find fault with practitioners and use it as an excuse to persecute them, set up many mini prison cells and isolate practitioners in those cells while brainwashing them with slanderous lies, try to incite hatred toward determined practitioners among other practitioners, and coerce the practitioners to give up their belief by taking advantage of their love for their families. This woman also haunted determined practitioners Ms. Tian Yuhua, Ms. Lu Shumin, Ms. He Tongjuan, Ms. Liang Zhansheng, and Ms. Du Juan and deceived newly arrested practitioners, including Ms. Liu Bing. She encouraged the inmates to torture practitioners, deprive them of sleep, and attack them verbally and physically. All the while she pretended she wasn't aware of the persecution and put on a facade of "civilised administration of the law." She received a Third Class Merit Award in 2006 for "reforming" Falun Gong practitioners.

Li Xiaona, in her thirties, is the current head of Division 1. She was a group head in Division 8 in 2001 and was quickly promoted for achieving a high "reform" rate. She was appointed the head of Division 1 in 2005 and was in charge of brainwashing practitioners.

Xi Xuehui, in her twenties, was previously the deputy head of Division 3. She brutally tortured practitioners Ms. Gong Ruiping, Ms. Xu Na, Ms. Zhao Zhisheng, and others. She supervised the abuse of Ms. Zhao Zhisheng and said to her, "Don't you dare tell anyone about this incident [of abuse], ever." She led five inmates including Li Xiaomei, Li Xiaobing, and Jin Hongwei to drag Ms. Dong Cuifang to a warehouse and beat her while she waited outside. Ms. Dong died from torture several hours later. Xi Xuehui is personally responsible for Ms. Dong Cuifang's death. She was transferred soon afterwards and is now working in the correctional field in the community. She has not been prosecuted for her crimes.

Chen Jing, in her 20s, was previously the head of a group at Division 3. She followed instructions from Tian Fengqing and participated numerous times in the abuse of practitioners. She obtained Party membership [as a reward] in 2003 during the SARS epidemic for savagely torturing practitioners Ms. Gong Ruiping and Ms. Yuan Lin. She tortured Ms. Yuan Lin in November 2003 until Ms. Yuan's ears were severely injured. She was assigned to torture practitioners Ms. Xu Na and Ms. Gong Ruiping in December 2003. She told the practitioners to hit each other and "talked" to practitioners who refused to follow this order. She personally beat the practitioners and broke Ms. Gong Ruiping's legs. Ms. Gong also had bruises all over her body, and her face was swollen from the beating. Chen Jing tortured practitioners Ms. Yue Changzhi, Ms. Zhao Xiuhuan and others in 2004. Ms. Yue's lower back was injured from the beating. Chen was transferred later that year and is now a group head at Division 2. She has not been prosecuted for her crimes.

Zhang Hua, female, around 30 years of age, was a group head at Division 3 and became deputy head of Division 4 later on. Now she is deputy head of Division 1. She followed instructions from division head Tian Fengqing and persecuted practitioners Ms. Gong Ruiping, Ms. Yuan Lin, Ms. Xu Na, Ms. Wu Lanlan and others.

Niu Na, female, 30 years old, is the current deputy head of Division 1. She followed orders from division head Zheng Yumei and brutally tortured practitioners Ms. Li Li and others.

Zhao Haixia, in her thirties, ruthlessly tortured practitioner Ms. Yuan Lin during the SARS epidemic in 2003 when she joined the Party.

Fu Yi, in her thirties, is currently the deputy head of Division 10. She followed orders from division head Zheng Yumei and persecuted practitioners held at Division 10.

Xiao Rui, in her thirties, is currently the deputy head of Division 10. She followed orders from division head Zheng Yumei and persecuted practitioners Ms. Li Li and others at Division 10.

Cao Yanmei, in her thirties, has persecuted practitioners Ms. Li Xuebin and others at Division 8 since 2002. She is now the deputy head of Division 8.

Li Wei, in her thirties, is currently the deputy head of Division 4. She followed orders from division head Liu Yingchun and persecuted practitioners held at Division 4.

Chen Dongmei, in her thirties, tortured practitioner Ms. Zhang Guolan in 2003 by not allowing her to sleep for one month. She didn't allow Ms. Zhang to wash herself during the time she was held at the prison.

Zheng Fangfang, in her thirties, persecuted practitioner Ms. Zhang Guolan with one month of sleep deprivation and by forbidding her from washing herself during the time she was held at the prison.

He Yun, in her thirties, followed orders from Tian Fengqing and persecuted practitioners held at Division 8 between 2002 and 2004. She now works at Division 1.

We ask that the WOIPFG and CIPFG consider the above facts. Please file cases, verify the facts, and investigate the cases.

Contact information for some of the officials who persecuted Falun Gong:

Li Ruihua, head of prison: 86-10-60276688 ext. 8001

Qi Xiushan, head of prison: 86-13621066012 (Mobile)

Zhou Ying, deputy head of prison: 86-10-60276688 ext. 8003, 86-13701383101(Mobile)

Liu Yingchun, head of Division 4: 86-136713866999 (Mobile)

Huang Qinghua, head of Division 8: 86-13520328936 (Mobile)86-13681292668 (Mobile)

Zheng Yumei, head of Division 10: 86-13366280849 (Mobile)


1. "Reform or Transform" Implementation of brainwashing and torture in order to force a practitioner to renounce Falun Gong. (Variations: "reform", "transform", "reformed", "reforming", "transformed", "transforming", and "transformation")

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