Practitioners Tortured in Chengdu City Legal Education Centre, Elderly Ms. Deng Shufen Dies

Ms. Deng Shufen, in her 70s, was a farmer living in Jitian Town, Shuangliu County in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. She used to be very healthy, and she could "eat two bowls of rice at each meal," a Chinese saying indicating that she was strong. She was arrested and detained eight times after the persecution started. On October 1st, 2007, she went to speak out for justice for Falun Gong to the town government. In the middle of that night, Jitian Town National Guard Office Chair Su Wenhua, Political and Judiciary Committee member Zhu Yong (male), Jitian Town Police Station officers, and Town Security Guard Gao Shiming (male) arrested Ms. Deng and took her to the Chengdu City Legal Education Centre (a brainwashing centre) for 40 days. She was released after she could not eat as a result of the mental and physical torture. She was as thin as a skeleton, and her eyes remained wide open for two months. She died on May 5th, 2008.

Another practitioner, Ms. Li Xiaowen, 67, also from Shuangliu County, was arrested five times. She was also very healthy and full of energy. In November 2007, she was arrested while distributing leaflets exposing the persecution and telling people the facts about Falun Gong, and taken to the Chengdu City Legal Education Centre. She became emaciated and was in critical condition after only a few months. She was released in March 2008. She often lost large quantities of blood. Her family had to take her to the hospital for treatment at the beginning of May because she lost consciousness due to the bleeding. She is in critical condition.

The Chengdu City Legal Education Centre is located in the Caiwan area in Huaqiao Town, Xinjin County, Chengdu City. Several dozen practitioners under the jurisdictions of the Sichuan Province and Chengdu City 610 Offices1 are currently detained there. Many Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-trained personnel are using all sorts of methods to abuse practitioners. The most vicious is the use of poison. First they hide it in the food to disrupt bodily functions, then claim the practitioner is sick and must be treated. Strong male guards hold down practitioners and inject drugs that damage the central nervous system. Victims get headaches soon afterwards and become mentally disordered: they become frightened, their muscles and stomachs feel like they're twisting, they hear or see things, and they are in pain. All practitioners that have gone through brainwashing at the Legal Education Centre have been severely mentally damaged. They all appear emaciated, stare into space, are in low spirits, have slow reflexes and speech, and their body functions are abnormal. Whether or not they give in to the brainwashing, they all have a hard time recovering for a long time. According to an inside source, thousands of practitioners have been tortured in this evil den in the past six years.

Su Wenhua (male), chair of Jitian Town National Guard Office: 86-28-89119058
Chen Zixia (female, former Women' Association Chair), Political and Judiciary Committee member: 86-13541060458 (Mobile)
Jitian Town Police Station, 98 Xinbei Street, Jitian Town, Shuangliu County, Sichuan Province, zip code 610200: 86-28-85691236


1. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

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